Projecting Which True Freshmen have the best chance of starting from Georgia’s loaded class.

MaysGeorgia put together one of the best recruiting classes of all time, right there with 2017 Alabama and 2010 Florida recruiting class. While 5 stars don’t always pan out, Georgia’s group looks special. As a result, we will be ranking which 5 stars from this loaded class has the best chance of starting.

  1. Tyson Campbell, 6-2.5, No.2 Cornerback 9th overall in ESPN top 300, 12th Overall on 247 Sports. While Justin Fields is the highest rated player in Georgia’s recruiting class, he will have a hard time winning the job over Jake Fromm, who lead GA to the national championship. Enter Tyson Campbell, who is the highest rated corner GA has ever had. He has a rare combination of size and speed that will be hard for Georgia to keep off the field. The opposite side of Deandre baker got torched last year as it was critical to Georgia’s losing to Bama as Malkom Parish was picked on all season. Even as a True Freshmen and him not enrolling to Georgia in the summer and having to beat out established veterans in Mark Webb and promising sophomores like Ameer Speed, he will immediately be the most talented corner Georgia has because he’s a special athlete. In fact, Woodstock high school Junior Hunter Leonard stated, “He may be the most talented corner Georgia has had since Champ Bailey.” Symbolizes the impact Campbell can make right away. Hunter isn’t the only one high on Tyson Campbell as Woodstock high school junior  Dylan Burkhalter stated ” Despite being a Georgia Tech Fan it hurts to admit that Georgia is building a monster” symbolizes how scary this recruiting class is.

Shutdown corner.png

Captain: Tyson Campbell wearing Georgia Gear on his official visit that eventually led Georgia to getting their most talented corner since Champ Bailey.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Tyson Campbell’s twitter. Gathered by Foroutan Gorgi.

Prediction: Campbell will start Day 1

2. Brenton Cox, 6’4.5 250, No. 5Defensive End, No. 11 overall in ESPN top 300. While Georgia has always had a Good defensive line, like corner, that have always missed that star edge rusher. Many Believe Cox can be that guy as he possesses a rare combination of size and explosiveness. Cox also has SEC ready size at 6’5 and 250 pounds. Without the number of starters on the defensive line either graduating or declaring for the NFL draft, Cox could step in right away and contribute.


Caption: Brenton Cox practicing during spring Training as he has made significant strides since day one.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Brenton Cox’s Instagram. Gathered by Foroutan Gorgi.

Prediction: Cox will start Day 1.

3. Jamaree Salyer, No. 2 Offensive Guard, No. 23th overall in ESPN top 300. Jamaree Salyer plays with the nastiness and has the size to compete right away in the SEC. While having solid depth on the offensive line, the interior of the line was flat out bullied against Alabama and is the clear weakness of the line, which does give Salyer a chance to start right away. However, it is unlikely Salyer starts right away as Georgia has solid depth in the offensive line, he still has a chance to play meaningful snaps and contribute as a freshman.


Caption:  Salyer decked in Georgia gear in his official visit, that helped secure the talented offensive guard.

Credit: . Photo courtesy of Jamaree Slayer’s Instagram. Gathered by Foroutan Gorgi

Prediction: Won’t start but will contribute.

4. Quay Walker. 6’4 235 No.2 Outside linebacker, No.31 on 247 sports composites. When watching Quay Walker, the one thing that jumps off the film is how fast he truly plays. He’s fast, physical and loves to hit people. He is also a pretty good cover linebacker and has the athleticism to occasionally defend the slot. Quay Walker does need to do a better job wrapping the running back instead of relying on his strength, but other than that he has really good size already to play in the SEC. With all the talent Georgia is losing at running back in Roquan Smith and Lorenzo Carter, It wouldn’t shock me if Walker can earn the starting job right away. However, Walker is raw and might need some time to develop before throwing him into the fire as a freshman against SEC running backs. However, with a lot of seniors lost, I believe Walker will still get some snaps of a freshmen and will still contribute but might be a year away from taking over as the quarterback for the defense. In fact, Woodstock High School Junior Carson Beasley stated ” Quay Walker has the potential to be a Roquan Smith-type player for us” symbolizes the enormous potential Quay Walker has if developed correctly.


Caption: Quay Walker decked out in Georgia gear that helped secure the talented, speedy linebacker.

Credit: Photo Courtesy of Quay’s twitter. Gathered by Foroutan Gorgi.

Prediction: Won’t start but will earn some snaps.

5. Cade Mays, 6’6, 327, No.3 Offensive Tackle, No 25 Overall on ESPN 300. Out of all the people on this list, Cade Mays will have the toughest task earning the starting job. Despite have SEC ready size at 327 pounds, he will have his hands full winning it over redshirt freshmen Isiah Wilson, who was also a 5 star and top 2 highest rated recruit in his class according to ESPN. He has even more size than Mays at 6’8 345, was a higher ranked recruit than Mayes at this point last year and has reportedly been dominant in spring games. It will also be hard for Cade mays to earn snaps at right tackle since Andrew Thomas, who ha a dominant true freshmen campaign, has the right tackle spot locked up. Not to mention Cade Mays is quite raw and could use improvement in his technique. In fact, when asking Woodstock Senior Amari McClain about Cade Mays chances of starting right away he stated, “Georgia has so much depth at both right and left tackle that it will be tough for mays to earn immediate playing time even for a 5 star.” Symbolizes how tough it will be for Mayes to start right away as a freshman.

Prediction: Most likely will redshirt but will be ready to contribute in 2019.


Captain: Cade Mays already growing chemistry with QB1 Jake Fromm as they went fishing together.

Credit:  Photo Courtesy of Cade’s twitter. Gathered by Foroutan Gorgi

Conclusion: While many might question why Fields wasn’t on this list, it is simply because Jake Fromm has been that good. There have been rumblings in training stating how Fromm’s arm got stronger and he is much more accurate. While fields has the pure talent to push Fromm, There is no way Fields will start over Fromm but could potentially earn some snaps during the season.

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