Region Games, and Clutch Wins


Quick high-five after a quick goal. Photo by Dee Gale. Gathered by Carter Maczko

Region Games


Main Story: The Woodstock Lacrosse program is in one of the toughest, if not the toughest, region in the state of Georgia. Their region consists of the former State champions, Lassiter, Pope, Roswell and Walton. Four of the top teams in the state, not to mention Etowah, and Creekveiw. They play


Cambell Price and Zach Gale get hype. Photo by Dee Gale. Gathered by Carter Maczko.

the majority of their region games in the month of March. So far, the team is 2-3 in all of their region games they’ve played. They have lost to Lassiter, Pope, and Walton but got a victory over Roswell and close victory over Creekveiw. The JV team 1-3, while they won and lost to the same teams as the varsity.


In order to make the playoffs you have to go over 500% in your region games and have 8 wins all and all. The wolverines have to beat Cherokee, and Etowah in mid- April in order to make the playoffs. The season goal all year has been to make the playoffs and then have a big impact in the


Team hype huddle after defeating Roswell. Photo by Dee Gale. Gathered by Carter Maczko

playoffs. For this to happen, they have to put a beating on Cherokee and Etowah, and then win out all the rest of the games, so they can get the best seed possible in the playoffs.


The girls program however, has only won one game all season and their hopes for the playoffs were lost a while ago. The JV girls sadly have not won a single game,and are struggling pretty hard. They continue to put in the work though, because they love the game even though thye may not be winning any games at all.


Team photo after a big win. Photo by Alaina Fox. Gathered by Carter Maczko


Varsity boys ended up March with a record of four-three. A way better record than the month of February when they went two-three. Obviously, something is working out for them while they continue to “Buy in” to the offense and defense that Coach Manderano brought to the program. Both coaches know that if all the teams buy in to the offense and defense that they will have success. ” We have the talent we just need the mental part of the game” said Coach Manderano. What he is saying is that the talent throughout the teams is there, they just have to believe in themselves, and buy in to what the coach is telling us to do.

Coach Manderano knows what he is doing. He started the lacrosse program at Peidmont college in Alabama, and he started the lacrosse program at Kell high school. He also won back-to-back State championships at Lassiter High school. So yes, obviously what he does works, because he has won four State championships in his career of high school coaching. This is why time and time again he tells his players to buy in to what he is doing because he knows it wins championships because it has before.


Zach Gale preparing for a shot. Photo Courtesy of Dee Gale. Collected by Carter Maczko


In case you missed it: The month of March has been a positive one, with winning two clutch games against North Paulding and Rowell. Roswell was ranked 14th in the State before they played them, and North Paulding was supposed to beat them.

Wolverine of the Month: According to Coach Manderano and Coach Wren the boys varsiy wolverine of the month is Senior, Zach Gale. The Girls Wolverine of the Month is Senior, Carson Clark. For JV the WOTM is Sophomore, Michael Chelena. The JV girls one is Freshman, Mia Bosa.

Interesting Stat: The boys varsity and JV both have a worse record at home, then they do on the road. At home they are one-five and away they are five-one.

Interesting quotes: JV coach, Coach Wren has something he says to his boys before and after every practice. He says, “were all we got were all we need” Which means that the team might be a little short, but they only need each other to be successful.

Off the field: The team has been working on collecting cleats for kids that can’t afford to pay for their own cleats. They have been doing this all year and plan to finish it up right before their last game of the season, and send it to the players in need.

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