School Shooting Sparks Debate and Protests


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons. Gathered by Icsis Washington. Teachers reuniting after escaping from the school.

Staff Writer: Isabella Boatwright

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting


February 14, 2018, will be a date the nation will always remember. On what was thought to be a normal Valentine’s day changed when around 2:21, near the end of the school day, a shooter entered into Douglas High. He arrived in an Uber minutes before with a duffel bag and a bookbag with the guns inside. The shooter was identified as 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, a former Douglas High student but was expelled for behavior reasons.

Cruz pulled the fire alarm, causing the students and teachers to start evacuating. They were confused because they already had a fire drill earlier in the day. Cruz started to fire the gun. As teachers and students heard the shots they started running into classrooms. Cruz went to classrooms and started to shoot out the glass of the classroom windows and firing into classrooms with


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons. Gathered by Icsis Washington. Students evacuating the school, hands on shoulders to prove they have no weapons.

an AR-15 rifle. Cruz killed 17 innocent people and injured 17 including students and teachers.


As the students were being evacuated by the police, Cruz made his run by blending in with the kids running out. He walked to Walmart after and bought Subway and a drink at McDonalds. Police spotted him walking and was said to look like a normal high school student but decided to stop and arrested Cruz at 3:41 p.m.

Possible Motives

Cruz’s mother recently died, and his father died in his childhood. A family took him in and they state there was signs of depression but no signs of violence. Teachers who had him in the past say that he was a quiet kid but never had any arguments with teachers but did cause trouble around the school. Including pulling the fire alarm in his earlier years of school multiple times. The shooter was apparently “crazy about guns” and posted disturbing material on social media. Last year the teachers and school were told


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons. Gathered by Icsis Washington. Cruz’s mugshot the day of the shooting.

he wasn’t allowed to carry a backpack on school campus because he threatened students.



People and students around the country have been protesting for gun safety. Many want to change the gun laws and how easy it is to only be 18-years-old and be able purchase a gun. Protest are being held around the United States for a change. Including a nation-wide walk out involving students to walk out of school for 17 minutes for the 17 people whose lives were taken. On the other hand of the argument, the 2rd Amendment states that we have the rights to “bear arms,” to protect ourselves from the government but people are using it wrong. Also, if the age for gun laws went up, older individuals can still purchase a gun for some who doesn’t meet the age.


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons. Gathered by Icsis Washington. Students protesting for their safety and gun control.


Since the Incident

Exactly two weeks are the Stoneman High shooting, a teacher by the name Randal Davidson, shot a gun in his empty class room after barricading himself in his room. Davidson locked himself in his classroom and his student’s outside of the room and the students then got the principal. As the principal was unlocking the door, Davidson fired a shoot at the window and the school was then evacuated. Davidson has been charged with many types of assaults and has been mentally unstable for some time.

In Memory

Many students and teacher’s innocent lives were taken from them when some had a whole life ahead of them or had a family. One of those was Scott Beigel a geography teacher and also a cross country coach, who helped students get into a classroom by unlocking his door to let them in. Many students say he is the reason they are alive today. Another was Aaron Feis an assistant football coach who threw himself in front of the bullets to protect the kids. Students around the school say he would put out


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons. Gathered by Icsis Washington. Those who lost there lives in the tragedy.

hers first before himself and this really proved it. Chris Hixon, the athletic director and wrestling coach at the school, was shot in the hallway. Hixon was a father like figure to many of the students and was there for them when they most needed. A heroic student that was involved was Peter Wang, a 15-year-old freshman, who held the door open for his classmates to escape the shooter.


Other students included were Alyssa Alhadeff, Martin Duque, Nicholas Dworet, Joaquin Oliver, Alania Petty, Meadow Pollack, Cara Loughran, Carmen Schentrup, Jamie Guttenburg, Gina Montalto, Luke Hoyer, and Alex Schachter. All the friends and family of the victims mourn and stay strong together.


The Florida shooting was tragic and hopefully will change our lives forever. Also, I hope it promotes awareness to the government and civilization.” – Julia Hutton, Sophomore

“The shooting is something that shouldn’t ever happen again, but we hear about this stuff on a normal basis and it’s something that we need to handle.” – Liesa Armstrong, Sophomore

“I feel that gun control should be necessary. Gun laws should be stricter and not as easy to get a gun to prevent stuff like this happening again.” -Haley Graves, Sophomore

“I think that the gun laws shouldn’t change because it isn’t the gun that causes it, it’s the person and maybe we can start going deeper into back ground checks before purchasing a gun.”- Michael Frazier, Sophomore

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