The seniors take a step into the future

Woodstock Girls tennis team

Staff Writer: Alonna Wood

senior night

Woodstock girls tennis team has a pretty good look ahead of them, over the previous week the girls took two wins in region against Lassiter High school, and one against Cherokee winning all 5 lines. The girls have continued to use a steady lineup with only switching in and out line two doubles here and there.

Lineup for Cherokee and Lassiter in region:

Line 1 singles: Alonna Wood

Line 2 singles: Megan Hackett

Line 3 singles: Gillan Bosko

Line 1 doubles: Taylor Nelson and Katelynn Hackett

Line 2 doubles: Lorelai Wood and Mackenzie Englert alternate: (Dani Salame)

On Thursday night the girls competed against Cherokee high school for their senior night playing a lineup the girls wanted to play this time. Tayor and Megan Hackett swi


Taylor and Megan photo courtesy : Dani Salame 

tched it up a little and decided to play line one doubles for the first time ever, just to have fun with it. “switching it up for a change is a really great thing, because it helps you understand why you play the sport. You play the sport for fun, yes it can be competitive, but in the end we do it because we love it “, said Megan Hackett.The rest of the lineup remained the same. The girls came out with a 5-0 win over Cherokee high school this is the third year the girls have done this!!!! “This team h\\as great accomplishments and I’m so proud to hold those accomplishments with me as I move on to the next step of my life”, said Taylor Nelson. After all the matches were over the team celebrated with balloons, flowers , cake , and dinner at brigemill athletic country club.


THE SENIORS!!!!!! photo courtesy: Dani Salame

The seniors are Taylor Nelson and Megan Hackett they have been on the varsity team since they were freshman and started both playing in the lineup. Taylor has only played doubles having a variety of different partners and Megan has played line three singles most of her high school carrier , but this year recently decided to play line two singles which was a huge step forward for her.

Megan Hackett grew up playing tennis her life playing since she was in the third grade, also switching it up some playing ice hockey too. Megan enjoys playing a variety of sports till she is a very well-rounded girl athlete but finds most of her passion in tennis. Megan does great in the classroom as well averaging a 4.0 GPA and taking honors and AP classes.

What are you going to miss most about playing high school tennis?

“I’m going to miss the competitiveness and the feeling before we compete switched it a team, especially Etowah. I’ve enjoyed being a part of this team because they make you feel like family, and we have all created some great memories. Leaving it all behind will be very hard, but I’m super glad I got to experience it all with the girls I did. ”

Taylor Nelson grew up playing tennis since she was in middle school actually growing up playing around Megan, training in similar academies. Taylor enjoyed playing tournaments as a kid and traveling. Taylor is a very intelligent high school student who has a 4.0 GPA as well, she takes all honors and AP classes. Taylor has won the team academic award for her junior and now senior year. Taylor is committed to continue her tennis carrier at the university of Reinhart where she can be close to home and do what she loves most.

What are you going to miss most about playing high school tennis?

“I’m going to miss the girls the most, I love being around them and having them all so close in my life. I’m also going to miss seeing all my old tournament friends at matches and getting to compete with them, playing high school tennis is so much fun when you play people you know. College will be a great experience for me and I’m very excited, it just won’t be any of the people I grew up around, so it’s going to be a change for me, but I’m very excited.”

The girls still have state ahead of them, the girls Woodstock tennis team won their playoff match, therefore placing them as the two seed in state. The season isn’t over just yet the girls still have a huge grind ahead of them. “I think the team has a great shot to go past the sweet sixteen this year if we all keep working together as a team like we have been, it will break school history for the team if we do “, said Taylor.

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