A senior with an album on iTunes?

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Staff Writer: Jordan VanDyke 

I recently saw through the great vine of social media a post about an album called Neaptide. The account linked to it is a senior here at Woodstock, Connor Jones. Connor’s album is competing against other bands to play at 4/20 fest. As of right now Neaptide has a great chance of competing, which would be an awesome achievement for a senior in high school while balancing all other priorities. I asked him a few questions about senior year and his band to see how things are holding up. 

Where did the name “Neaptide” come from? 

“The term ‘Neaptide’ means the stage of the tides in which the moon has the least effect on the tide, we wanted a nautical term for our band name, so when we searched nautical terms we thought Neaptide sounded cool.” 

What steps did you take to create this album? 

“The original vision was to create the album for my senior project, to go on this long, great American road trip and interview people along the way and  take those answers  and compile songs for the ones we interviewed, but what ended up happening was we interviewed like three people and decided that we didn’t like what we were getting and didn’t like what we were writing, so we scrapped everything, finished the road trip and came back. We wrote five or six songs and then we went and recorded the album. Which is pretty much how the album came to be.” 

Who all is a part of your band? How did you guys come together? 

“Our band is three people, its me on vocals and guitar, keys and bass, also me and the guy who plays drums kind of alternate back and fourth between whatever instruments were playing and which ever works out better in that moment. So, it is me on vocals and whatever instrument, Matthew Hare on the bass, and our drummer PJ who wrote a lot of the songs or helped write a large amount of the songs.” 

Are you and your band already thinking about a second album? 

“Yes and we have some stuff already written and I will say no more because you’ll have to listen to it when it comes out” 

I’m already pumped for this album, especially if it lives up to the first! 

What are your plans to further your music career? 

“I mean right now we are preparing to play a music festival, which is one of Atlanta’s biggest. Also just to continue promoting the band and playing as many shows as possible.” 

The band was also accepted to play Sweetwater 4/20 fest, starting around 11am on April 20th! 

What do your peers think about the album? 

“The response to the album has been absolutely incredible, it has been overwhelmingly positive. Its been really cool to see people connect with my music.” 

After school, are you thinking about college? If so, where? 

“Yes, I’m going to Georgia State to peruse a film degree.” 

Do you think senior project will benefit you in the future? 

“Yes, it already has benefitted me tremendously already, with stuff like I said earlier, its pretty exciting.” 

I have also heard you are in the school’s drama program, how is that going? 

“It was going really well until I had to drop out of the show because I got frostbite in New York and was unable to dance and I’m still unable. I’m still in the drama program but I am not currently participating in the show.” 

What class would you say has been the hardest for you this year? 

“I mean there’s a correct and honest answer and then there is the answer that is probably not safe for the school newspaper. I think my hardest class this year has been my lit class, which ironically is the class I’m doing the best in. Its just a lot of work that I’ve had to put in and so its just been very time consuming.” 

Is it ever difficult keeping up with school work, drama, and your band? 

“Yes, it has been very difficult. It is an entire balancing, juggling game that I still am trying to figure out day by day. It’s a lot of work and stress added on I will say.” 

What is your favorite high school memory so far? 

“So far, my favorite memory has to be the opening night of the Great Gatsby, just everything about that show was amazing, the audience’s reaction to everything. They were so energetic and everybody in the show was energetic opening night. It was definitely a huge highlight in my high school career.” 

Do you have any advice for the juniors, about to be senior’s? 

“So, my advice to the juniors, soon to be seniors, and my advice really to most people is essentially the saying ‘Oh, that actually worked.” You never know something is going to turn out the way it did unless you try to make that thing happen.” 


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