Woodstock Program Being Changed One Coach at a Time

Staff Writer: Isabella Boatwright 

Crowe’s Legacy 

For the third year in a row, there will be a different coach for the girls’ program. The coaching,


Photo Courtesy of Woodstock Basketball website. Gathered by Icsis Washington. Taken after the game she made it to the Elite Eight as a coach.  

including the JV, Varsity, and Varsity assistant coach, have been different every year. Starting last year, 2017, Coach Julie Crowe left Woodstock High school, meaning she left behind the girls’ basketball program she coached for 19 years. Crowe was known to always lead the varsity girls to many successful seasons. Crowe was known around


Photo Courtesy of Cherokee Tribune. Photo gathered by Icsis Washington. Coach Crowe’s last picture day as a Wolverine. 

Cherokee County as an amazing coach and being someone the girls can build a relationship with on or off the court. As it was a huge shock to everyone, she announced she was leaving Woodstock to move onto bigger jobs opportunities and be able to spread her positive and motivational attitude to others. The farthest she has taken her team was to the Elite Eight in the 2015-2016 basketball season. She is currently working at E.T. Booth Middle School but not on the basketball court. She’s working in ISS room and is going to work her way up from there. Crowe will always leave a big mark on Woodstock High School and we wish her the best. 

Crowe’s Right-Hand “Woman”

Mallory Ranfos, the assistant coach for varsity for 10 years and this past season coached JV. Crowe took her legacy on with Ranfos by her side. Ranfos and Crowe coached for many years and together led lots of seasons to be successful. Ranfos played at Woodstock


Photo Courtesy of Woodstock Basketball website. Gathered by Icsis Washington. Coach Ranfos last year with Crowe. 

and Coach Crowe was her coach! The past season, Ranfos led the JV team to an undefeated season. Recently, she has made the decision to move to West Forsyth to move closer to home. All the girls on the team had a special bond with Ranfos and she was the one to pick us up whenever they were having a hard time with basketball or anything in life. The girls are sad to see her go but they are happy she found better opportunities.  

The New and Different Coaches 

As the search went on to find someone to carry on Crowe’s legacy, many coaches applied


Photo Courtesy of Cherokee Tribune. Gathered by Icsis Washington. Jared Hughes coaching Woodstock vs Lassiter game. 

to be the girl’s head coach including some from Woodstock. They went outside the school and came across Jared Hughes from Rome, Georgia. Hughes had high energy and intensity in games and practice. Things for the program shifted as the girls were adjusting to a new coach. The practices, games, the way of coaching, plays and everything changed. Even only coaching for a season, the girls still were able to make it to the playoffs and close to the sweet sixteen. Hughes is leaving Woodstock to continue his coaching career at Shorter University in Rome, Georgia, but this time with the boys’ team.  


For this coming season Woodstock was on the search again for a brand-new coach and hopefully to stay. Many submissions and interviews later, we found someone with the determination, intensity, and brains that Woodstock was looking for. Regina Tate-Leslie,


Photo Courtesy of Cherokee County website. Gathered by Icsis Washington. Regina Tate-Washington, new Woodstock girls’ Varsity coach.

also known as Coach TL, from Marietta gets to step in and complete the basketball program. Tate-Leslie went to Georgia Tech University on a full ride basketball scholarship and majored in Mechanical Engineering. She does have a big coaching back ground and has coached at five different schools in Georgia. She will be attending Woodstock High as a Chemistry and Physics teacher and of course the girls’ varsity coach.  



“Coaching here has given me the best memories for 10 years, but I think it’s time to move on. I’ll miss my girls more than ever.”- Mallory Ranfos. 

“I think the next varsity coach has great things in plan for the girls. She’s intense and exactly what they need.”- Mallory Ranfos. 

“I’m so happy I had the experience to coach at Woodstock. Even though it was only one season, these girls and school gave me many memories.”- Jared Hughes.  

“I’m ready to bring the intensity to these girls and ready to continue the legacy of girls’ basketball at Woodstock. Also, I’m here to stay!”- Regina Tate- Leslie.  

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