Frozen Waves – Chapter 13

Two IceWings stood anxiously at the entrance to Jade Mountain academy. The first was Frigid, twiddling his talons nervously as he awaited his father’s visit. The second was a much smaller Icewing, slim and long. She stood straight and tall, a cool gaze trailing down her snout.

“Hydro… Are you-” Frigid began.

“Aurora.” The smaller IceWing corrected.

“Right… Aurora.” Frigid sighed. “Are you sure this plan will work?”

‘Aurora’ broke her cold stare, turning and looking towards Frigid. “Frigid, it’ll be fine.” She said softly. “Just play along with what I say and it’ll be alright.”


Art by Kylee Jones

Frigid nodded and swallowed the lump in his throat, looking off at the horizon. A small band of white dragons came in to view- IceWings. “There he is,” Frigid said, shaking the anxiety out of his head as he held himself taller. He watched as the group of flying IceWings came in to focus. In the center was a grey IceWing with a pale blue stomach and paws. His icy spines and horns were a dark navy blue, and his wings a beautiful snowy white.

“That’s him.” Frigid whispered, taking a deep breath and putting on the same cool gaze as ‘Aurora”. The group of IceWings landed just outside the door. Polar led the way inside while his traveling party stayed outside.

“Frigid.” Polar said, nodding. There was no fatherly love or warm embrace.

“Father,” Frigid nodded in return. “Good to see you.”

“Likewise.” Polar replied, but now was not even looking at Polar, instead staring at ‘Aurora’. “And who is this?”

“Aurora,” ‘Aurora’ replied. “Frigid’s girlfriend.”

Polar looked her up and down for a moment before nodding. “A fine choice.” He finally stated, walking between the two and into the halls. “Jade Mountain, hm? Not exactly as beautiful as it sounds. I expected more gems in the walls.” He glanced over his shoulder. “Then again, considering the kinds of dragons they have here, I doubt they are worthy of such beauty.”

‘Aurora’ took a deep breath. This dragon was going to be a pain to deal with. “Yes,” She agreed. “The… impurity here is problematic. The schools back in the IceWing kingdom are much more well-equipped.”

Polar smiled just a little bit and nodded. “A fine choice for my son indeed,” He said, glancing between the two. “Frigid,” he said, dropping the smile. “Show me to the library. I want to make sure they at least have the proper scrolls here.”

“Of course,” Frigid said obediently, standing.

“And Aurora, come with us as well. I wish to speak with you more.” Polar added.

‘Aurora’ stood and nodded, following the two towards the library. Multiple times, she saw Frigid glance back at her, but it was quick and short-lived.

“Here,” Frigid finally said, stopping in the doorway of a room filled with scrolls.

“Not bad,” Polar conceded after a moment, looking around. “Not nearly as spacious as the Royal IceWing Library, but still not bad for a school.”

The three entered, heading towards the tables in the back of the room. “Frigid,” Polar said sharply. “Bring me some scrolls about IceWing history. I need to check them for accuracy.”

Frigid nodded and turned, and ‘Aurora’ went to follow when Polar’s tail suddenly stopped her. “Not you,” he said. “You, I’d like to talk with more.”

‘Aurora’ nodded, inwardly taking a deep breath as she prepared herself.

“Why him?” Polar asked as soon as Frigid was  out of earshot.

‘Aurora’ blinked, looking at Polar. “Why Frigid?” She repeated. Polar waited expectantly for an answer.

“Well, he’s better than most of the IceWings around here.” ‘Aurora’ said slowly. “He knows how to treat me right, and he’s not too low of a circle for me.”

“Too low?” Polar pressed. “So you’re a higher circe than him?”

“Second,” She lied, looking Polar straight in the eyes. He took the bait, backing off just a small bit and averting his gaze.

“Not bad.” he said after a moment. “Why would you settle for him, though? There’s plenty of other IceWings in the palace who would love to have someone like you.”

“Ah, there’s the issue.” ‘Aurora’ said. “They’d love me for my circle, my looks. Here though, Frigid loves me for me. You can’t deny a girl something like that.” She made up quick lies on the spot, keeping the conversation flowing.

“I guess,” Polar tilted his head a bit. “I never understood that though, the male is in power and the female listened to him. That’s how it’s always been.”

‘Aurora’ shrugged. “Times change.” She said simply.

Polar seemed to take the answer, resigning to nod as Frigid returned and placed the scrolls on the table beside them. Polar didn’t make any form of acknowledgement towards his son, instead picking up the scrolls and beginning to read through them. Frigid gave a small sigh, which his father largely ignored, and sat beside ‘Aurora’. ‘Aurora’ instinctively wrapped her tail around Frigids, doing her best to comfort him. She leaned over, resting her head on his shoulder. He looked down at her for a moment, slightly surprised, before wrapping his wing around her. ‘Aurora’ shivered at the chilly temperature coming from his body, but mostly ignored it in favor of comforting her friend.

It wasn’t long before Polar glanced up. He noticed the two’s position, but didn’t comment. “Well… they seem to be teaching IceWing history accurately at least.” He stated. “Though not nearly enough of it. All these added bits about the other tribes, none of that matters to an IceWing.” His gaze seemed to bore in to ‘Aurora’s’ brain, sending a chill down her spine, one that wasn’t caused by Frigid. “Tribes should stick to their own.” He finished. He glanced over to Frigid. “It’s been nice checking in,” He said, though it didn’t sound sincere. “But I must leave.”

‘Aurora’s’ eyes widened. “Already? You’ve hardly been here an hour. Surely the flight home is tiring, wouldn’t you like to rest?”

“I can handle some flying,” Polar waved a talon. “Goodbye, you two.” He stood and began to exit, and the two dragonets followed close behind.

“Only a little more,” Frigid whispered. “Then he’s gone.”

‘Aurora’ nodded, keeping her eyes ahead. “Just need to get him out the door.”

The stopped in the lobby as Polar left the front door, spreading his wings and vanishing from sight. As soon as he was gone, ‘Aurora’s’ scales melted back to cyan and green, and she smiled. “Oh, thank goodness! I hated not being able to smile.” She laughed, looking at Frigid. She expected him to be smiling too, but he wasn’t. In fact, he wasn’t there at all. He was rushing to the door.

“Frigid?” Hydro called, running forward to keep up. They stopped at the door… where a gruesome sight awaited them.

image1 (1)

Art by A Flame That Is Amber on Art Enhancers Amino

Blue IceWing blood was spilt across the stones. Every IceWing in Polar’s traveling party was dead, with Polar in the center. A note seemed to be tucked behind his ear. Legs shaking, Frigid approached his father’s body, taking the note.

This is what happens to those who don’t do what they’re told. Watch your back. -A

Hydro’s eyes widened. “No… That’s gotta be from Acid…” She looked around, searching for any sign of the killer, but they were gone. “Moons above… What do we do now?”

“Step away.” A deep voice rumbled. The dragonets turned around to see Clay himself at the doorway to the school. They instantly stepped back, eyes wide.

“C-Clay… Frigid’s father-” Hydro began.

“I know.” Clay shook his head. “Don’t worry. We’ll find who did this.”

The two dragonets nodded solemnly as Clay exited, followed by several other dragons. It took two dragons to lift each IceWing, but soon the bodies were gone, leaving only the blue blood spilled on the stones.

And with trailing talons and weak wings, Hydro and Frigid turned and entered the school.

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