Student Faculty Game for Maddi Phillips Cheer Scholarship

Staff Writer: Kate O’Brien

River Ridge Senior Faith Arthur created the first annual Maddi Phillips Cheer Scholarship Fundraiser earlier this month for her senior project. She, along with River Ridge High school and Woodstock High school hosted a student-faculty basketball game to raise money in support of the fundraiser. The game took place at River Ridge High School, but many students and faculty from both of the schools came out to show their support and participation.


Faith created a GoFundMe page for Maddi’s scholarship too, so those who could not make it to the game could still show their support. She described the scholarship on the GoFundMe page by saying, “Hello, my name is Faith Arthur and for my senior project I have created the Maddi Phillips Cheer scholarship. If you cannot attend the first annual student faculty game on Friday, April 13, 2018 and would like to donate to the scholarship please use this as an option to still be a part of honoring Maddi.”



Woodstock cheerleaders and students showing their support and watching the game. Photo courtesy of @woodstockhs1 twitter.


The money raised from the game, as well as the “GoFundMe” profile created by Faith went to two Woodstock High school cheerleaders – Lilli Moore and Kacey Colina. “It was so fun to see everyone turn out and show their support for Maddi. I loved seeing everyone from both schools come together for her. It was also so great to watch the game and see so many students and faculty come out and play!” (junior, Johanna Ellington)


Kacey Colina and Lilli Moore recieving the first ever Maddi Phillips Cheer Scholarship. Photo courtesy of @woodstockhs1 twitter.

Faith originally posted about the basketball game on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram asking for Woodstock and River Ridge students to sign up to participate in the game. Flyers were also posted around both of the schools giving information about the game, and how to sign up for the game as well.

“I loved playing in Maddi’s Scholarship Fundrasier basketball game, because it allowed me to be able to combine two things that I love in my life, Basketball and Maddi.  When I first heard about the game, I knew without a doubt I would want to play. I am so glad that I had the oppurtunity to not only attend the game, but to be able to play as well!” (junior, Brenden Foo)

Principal Mark Smith from Woodstock High School and Principal Darrell Herring from River Ridge High School also showed their support by playing in the game. Many students and faculty from both of the schools played as well.


Some of the student players of the game after their win. Photo courtesy of Brenden Foo. 

“I loved playing in Maddi’s scholarship game, because not only was I surrounded by my friends and some of my favorite teachers, I was surrounded by people who were all supporting Maddi and her legacy. One of my best friends, Lilli, received the scholarship too, which was really cool to be there for! I thought it was so cool to see so many people come out and show their support, and I loved being a part of it as well. It was so cool to play one of my favorite sports, with some of my best friends, and for my favorite girl.” (Junior, Will Callahan). The students ended up beating the faculty, but in the end, everyone was all on the same team, “Team Maddi”.

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