That’s Why They Play the Games

Staff Writer: Matthew Sanchez

The Major League Baseball season is almost done with the first month of the season. Before we get into how the season is go so far, here is a preview of how the divisions were supposed to finish. These stats are according to Bleacher Report. Alex Kelly, Woodstock junior and Yankees fan said, “This is going to be such a good baseball season with so many talented players. I love how the Yankees lineup is looking.”

The AL East projections are: 1. New York Yankees (95-67) 2. Boston Red Sox (90-72) 3. Toronto Blue Jays (82-80) 4. Tampa Bay Rays (71-91) 5. Baltimore Orioles (70-92)

The AL West projections are: 1. Houston Astros (103-59) 2. Los Angeles Angels (88-74) 3. Texas Rangers (78-84) 4. Seattle Mariners (75-87) 5. Oakland Athletics (72-90)

The AL Central projections are: 1. Cleveland Indians (103-59) 2. Minnesota Twins (86-76) 3. Chicago White Sox (73-89) 4. Detroit Tigers (61-101) 5. Kansas City Royals (59-103)

The NL East projections are: 1. Washington Nationals (104-58) 2. New York Mets (80-82) 3. Atlanta Braves (74-88) 4. Philadelphia Phillies (73-89) 5. Miami Marlins (62-100).

The NL Central projections are: 1. Chicago Cubs (93-69) 2. St. Louis Cardinals (87-75) 3. Milwaukee Brewers (85-77) 4. Cincinnati Reds (73-89) 5. Pittsburgh Pirates (69-93).

The NL West projections are: 1. Los Angeles Dodgers (99-63) 2. Colorado Rockies (91-71) 3. Arizona Diamondbacks (89-73) 4. San Francisco Giants (80-82) 5. San Diego Padres (65-97).


As of April 29, most MLB teams have around 25 to 30 games played. The top and surprising teams have been the Boston Red Sox, New York Mets Arizona Diamondbacks. The Red Sox have the best record with 19 wins and only 5 losses. The Mets had their hottest start in franchise history starting 12-1 and are currently 15-7. The Diamondbacks are also off to a hot start as they are 16-7. None of these teams were projected to win their division, but a month in they all are. Another very good team is last year’s champion, the Houston Astros, as they are currently 17-9. Over the past few years baseball as gotten more interesting because of the amount homeruns, and there is no difference this year. Batters have begun to be a lot more aggressive at the plate no matter the count. However, this has led to an increase in strikeouts. This year, like the past 10 years, the strikeout percentage will increase. This year the SO percentage has reached 22.3 percent.

The MLB standing so far are a lot different than projected. A lot of teams have been very surprising but on the other hand, a lot of the teams projected to be very good have not lived up to the expectations. As of now the standings are:

AL East: 1. Boston Red Sox (20-7) 2. New York Yankees (17-9) 3. Toronto Blue Jays (15-12)   4. Tampa Bay Rays (12-14) 5. Baltimore Orioles (8-20)

The AL east does not have many surprises. The team that is standing out is the Boston Red Sox as they have the best record in baseball. The Yankees are not starting as hot as expected. The New York “Big 3”, Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and Gary Sanchez are all considered some of the best hitters in baseball. They had a slow start, but it seems that they are heating up as they close in on the Red Sox. These two teams have a shot at making a run in the playoffs, if they can stay hot and avoid injuries.  Brennan Milone, Woodstock junior and Red Sox fan said “I’m so excited that the Red Sox are playing so well, hopefully they can win it all this year”

AL Central: 1. Cleveland Indians (14-12) 2. Detroit Tigers (11-15) 3. Minnesota Twins (9-14)    4. Chicago White Sox (8-18) 5. Kansas City Royals (7-20)

This division has started out terrible. After reaching the World Series two years ago, the Cleveland Indians, are the only team above .500 and its only by two games. This division was not projected to do well, with only two teams projected to finish with a winning record. The Indians need to get something going if they want to finish anything close to previous years.

AL West: 1. Houston Astros (19-10) 2. LA Angels (16-11) 3. Seattle Mariners (16-11)               4. Oakland Athletics (14-14) 5. Texas Rangers (11-18)

The Houston Astros are one of the best teams in baseball. After falling just short and losing to the LA Dodgers in the World Series, they are projected to be contenders again this year and finish the season breaking 100 wins. The Angels are also a very good team, with a chance to make the playoffs this year. They are led by possibly the best player in baseball right now, Mike Trout and top rookie, Shohei Otanhi, who has a 100-mph fastball and is in the regular lineup as a DH batting cleanup. They look to have a solid year.  Nolan Burns, Woodstock sophomore and Astros fan said, “I think we definitely are the best team and we should make it back to the world series.”

NL East: 1. New York Mets (17-9) 2. Atlanta Braves (16-11) 3. Philadelphia Phillies (16-11)     4. Washington Nationals (12-16) 5. Miami Marlins (9-18)

The New York Mets had their best start in franchise history as they started 12-2. The Braves and the Phillies are both playing a lot better than expected. But what is going on with the Washington Nationals? They are projected to have the best record in baseball, and they are in fourth place in their division. It is looking like all-star Bryce Harper is their only player. They are looking to catch fire and led the division soon. The Mets, led by new manager Mickey Callaway, have a lot of potential this year if they can stay away from injuries. If their pitching staff stays healthy and the bats stay alive, they have a chance at the playoffs this year. Chris Carrol, Woodstock junior and Atlanta Braves fan said, “I know that we don’t have much of a chance at winning anything now, but i like how the season has started and the future is looking bright. I enjoy watching baseball and this season looks interesting.”

NL Central: 1. Pittsburgh Pirates (17-11) 2. Chicago Cubs (15-10) 3. St. Louis Cardinals (15-12) 4. Milwaukee Brewers (16-13) 5. Cincinnati Reds (7-21)

The Pirates, projected to be last in the division, are clearly surprising everyone as they lead the division now. It seems that their pitching is a lot better than expected. Rookie pitcher, Nick Kingham, had an incredible debut as he threw a perfect game threw 7 innings and got his first win. The Cubs look to step up and return to the playoffs after winning the world series two years ago.

NL West: 1. Arizona Diamondback (19-8) 2. Colorado Rockies (15-14) 3. San Francisco Giants (14-14) 4. LA Dodgers (12-15) 5. San Diego Padres (10-19)

The Diamondbacks are off to a hot start as they lead the whole division by five or more games. In the most recent power rankings they are third only behind the Red Sox and the Astros. The Dodgers are not playing up to potential. They have a chance at being a lot better.

This MLB season is very unpredictable as there are a lot of different teams that are good. The power rankings are different each week and different teams are on top. Injuries are always a problem and can always hurt a team. We have no clue which team will be World Series champions this year. It is going to be fun to watch.

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