Who The Heck Is Snoke?


Staff Writer: Liam Gillin 


In The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, Supreme Leader Snoke plays a pivotal plot role in the story of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. After the latter, however, I feel certain that most fans are wondering who the heck Snoke is in the first place.

snoke 1

Don’t you want to know more about a villain like this?


With no backstory to speak of, Snoke’s ultimate intentions as well as his past remain as mysterious as the conniving user of the Dark Side himself. Even Snoke’s full name, species, and true age are a baffling befuddlement. 

Personally, I was hoping that Snoke would have turned out to be Darth Plagueis the Wise, mentioned in Revenge of The Sith, and the Sith who’s knowledge helped to mold Palpatine into Darth Sidious. The notion that the one Sith Lord who could stop others from dying could have learned to bring even himself back to life would have been perfect, also giving a reason for why he looks old as dirt! 

snoke 2

The years have clearly not been kind to him.


In Star Wars: Episode III, Palpatine revealed an old Sith legend to Anakin Skywalker about the Dark Lord of the Sith who could influence midichlorians to create life. Midichlorians are what give certain beings the ability to use the Force, therefore it makes perfect sense that one could use them to manipulate life and cheat death. 

However, in the story told by Palpatine, Darth Plagueis could only save others from death. He was not able to cheat death himself. So, the story ends with his apprentice killing him in his sleep. 

What if it that wasn’t the end of it, though…? 

Imagine if Darth Plagueis actually managed to become immortal through his literally life-saving power! His deformity could have been explained, as well. For example, perhaps while he cannot die, he still ages; OR maybe he needs to keep himself alive constantly, which puts a strenuous amount of physical pressure on the body? 

But no, we get NO such compelling backstory; or ANY at all, for that matter. This was an opportunity wasted in the franchise! It really makes one regret George Lucas’s decision to sell it to Disney, who clearly have less interest in making the story as brilliantly complex as before in comparison to their box office kickback money. I know, big surprise from a company founded by a cash-grubbing, corporate scum, anti-semitic, sexist, racist man from the early 20th century. 

As much as they make truly wonderful original content, their roots are questionable. But I digress. 

Woodstock High School student Cian Gillin said, “It should have been more climactic then just killing him off like that.” However, I also asked him his opinion on the portrayal of the overall character. “Oh, heck yeah! Perfect casting!”, he said. 

Furthermore, Woodstock High School teacher John Gillin (father by relation) had a very similar opinion to say on Snoke’s untimely demise. “Well, we have no idea where he came from. I don’t think you can throw in such an interesting character just to get rid of him like that.” I also asked him on the portrayal of the character, as well. “Isn’t that why so many people are upset about it?”, Gillin had to say. 

So, I crapped all over the writing of the plot where I saw fit, but does that mean it was all terrible? No, of course not! 

Andy Serkis plays a mean (no pun intended) villain, in all aspects. 

serkis 1

Andy Serkis is an astounding actor, having played multiple iconic characters in fiction over the years.


From the jewelry-obsessed Gollum in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit to his most recent work as Ulysses Klaue in the MCU, Serkis brings yet another charismatic character of dark intentions to life on our screens. 

serkis 2

Serkis is ideal for motion capture acting, made paramount and clear by roles in movies such as the Planet of the Apes reboot franchise.


serkis 3

Combined with his rage and intensity, he was able to bring Supreme Leader Snoke to life.


The problem isn’t the actor. It’s all in the writing and the current owner of the intellectual property. Don’t get me wrong, I love Star Wars! The franchise is not ruined for me, and I will be seeing how it ends in Star Wars: Episode IX. Regardless, my disappointment in the current turn of events with their dispatching of characters is adamant.

Photography by Armando Carrillo-Rendon.

Pictures courtesy of: wookiepedia.com and pinterest.com.

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