Wolverines Basketball Working in the Offseason

Staff Writer: Brenden Foo 


The Woodstock Wolverines had a very good season, being able to come in 3rd in the region, and making it to the Sweet 16, the farthest that the basketball team has ever made in the history of the school. They also had two players to make it on the all-region second team. But next year they are losing multiple key pieces in their starting lineup such as Dylin Hardeman, who is continuing his basketball career at Columbus State, and Noah Frith, who is moving on to Liberty to further his education and football career.  Head coach Kingst


Assistant Coach Josh Pierce watching over the team as they get a lift in. Gathered by: Carter Mazcko Courtesy of: Carter Mazcko

on Clark isn’t that worried.  He stated, “The team is already working to improve for next season and I feel that this team can go even farther next year.”  

The Wolverines are in the offseason, but that doesn’t stop them from continuing to get better and better every day. They have already started a weight lifting regimen to get the whole team stronger and to build the team chemistry. They lift every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning as a team with all coaches there to watch and encourage the players to push themselves and get stronger with every workout. Assistant coach Josh Pierce stated, “The whole team is working hard in the weight room. It’s really going to show next season on the court.” That shows you just how hard the team is truly working in the offseason. 

Many of the younger players in the organization are also finding more ways to continue progressing their game by joining an AAU team during the offseason. Many of the Wolverines are finding success with their AAU teams, such as freshmen Wes Bruno, Brett Stefan and Leo Mesumbe. All three of these Wolverines play with a team named the Cherokee Spurs, and recently they helped to lead their team


Junior Brandon Emelogu (left) getting some band work done in the weight room. Gathered by: Carter Mazcko Courtesy of: Carter Mazcko

to a 6-0 record to become the Georgia Cup Champs. 

Leo Mesumbe, captain of the team said, “Without my other teammates from Woodstock we would not have done as well as we did in the tournament.” He also stated that every single game they play, they push themselves to play better than they did before, such as having less turnovers or more rebounds and assists rather than points. Having this attitude will help them to improve their game tremendously, by broadening the aspects of their game, which makes them much more useful as a player and a teammate. 

There is also another team that many other Wolverines play for called the Georgia Heat. Many upcoming juniors lead that team such as Luke Frejoe, Bryce Clark and Jahnay Newton. They all have secured a starting role on the team and are the ones who do most of the work on the court. The team hasn’t yet won a tournament, but all three of the athletes are using this time to work on the most important aspects of the game to help the Wolverines as much as they can next year. Clark is going to be a very big part of the team next year, considering that he is going to be one of the only big men that the team will have next year, so the more that he develops his game by playing on this team, the better it will come out for the


Upcoming Sophomore Derrick Emelogu (right) headed to get some box jumps in .Gathered by: Carter Mazcko Courtesy of: Carter Mazcko 

actual team. 

The Wolverines also have many different events and games in the upcoming months. Woodstock is having a skills camp for the younger Wolverines from June 4-8, to teach them the fundamentals of the game and to show them how to enjoy the sport of basketball. The week after Finals, the Wolverines begin the Summer League with a tournament at Cherokee High School, playing two games a day.  

Then on June 8, they begin a tournament at Georgia Tech, and the week following they continue the Cherokee tournament. They play two games a day throughout the week, then on Thursday (6/14), they depart to Flordia State University, for a three-day overnight camp for both the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams. After playing at FSU, the Wolverines head back h


Freshman Josh Kelly doing weighted lunges to improve his vertical. Gathered by: Carter Mazcko Courtesy of: Carter Mazcko

ome to host yet another skills camp for the younger upcoming Woodstock basketball players. Then on the Thursday of that week (6/21), the Wolverines have another tournament at Emmanuel College, which will take up another three days in June.  

With all the different opportunities for the team to grow and develop in the offseason, there is no telling how good the team could be if the whole team decides to get work in. Although the Wolverines are going to be a very young team next year, many of the players on the team were playing when the team made it to the second round of the state playoffs, so those players will need to step up and lead the team. Upcoming senior Chris Carrol said, “If everything goes to plan, I really feel like we could can get this team right back to where it was this year and mayb


Woodstock Wolverines breaking the huddle after a hard workout. Gathered by: Carter Mazcko Courtesy of: Carter Mazcko

e even farther.” With such high hopes from the starting point guard of this year, hopefully this team can live up to the potential it has. 

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