The journey through state

Staff writer: Alonna Wood

During the season the team in the previous qualified for state, which then they played a state qualifier tournament competing against Walton, Etowah, and Lassiter high school. Woodstock came out the 3rd seed in region playing Etowah in the first round losing by 2-3 but defeating Lassiter 3-0 In the second round.

Woodstock’s set lineup for state:

Line 1 singles – Alonna Wood

Line 2 singles – Megan Hackett

Line 3 singles – Gillian bosko

Line 1 doubles – Katelynn Hackett and Taylor Nelson

Line 2 doubles- Lorelai Wood and Makenzie Englert

Woodstock drawled North Paulding in the first round of state, with North Paulding hosting.

In case you missed it:

Alonna wood was the first to finish coming out on top, winning 6-0, 6-0. Next Megan Hackett came out winning 6-1,6-2. Line 1 doubles, Katelynn and Taylor had a very tough match playing two commits one from Kennesaw university and the other committed to Samford university. Leaving the girls at 2-1 Gillian bosko finished it off for the girls to advance to the sweet 16!!!!!!! This is the 4th time straight the girls have made it to the sweet 16 consecutively!!!


lunch before north paulding high school photo courtesy: Daniela Salame

Player overview:

Megan Hackett:

Megan Hackett dropping no less than 3 games, has had an incredible season as it is. Showing the team everything, she has she came in clutch once again for the team.

How do you feel about today’s win for Woodstock?

” I feel great about it, we have all worked so hard for this as a team. We put in the work each and every day on the court, and we deserved it .” ” I’m super excited to see what we can do next in the sweet 16 “, said Megan Hackett”

The sweet 16!!!!!!!!!!

The Woodstock girl’s tennis team were hosted by camden high school, 5 hour


dinner night!!!!! photo courtesy: Daniela Salame

s away. The girls drove down a day early and went to dinner as a team the night before at longhorns.  The next morning the girls went to warm-up before heading to camden high school to compete for the place to go to the elite eight. Around 1:00 pm that afternoon Tuesday the girls started playing against camden high school.


the team before they hit the courts photo courtesy: Daniela Salame

In case you missed it: The girls all had super close matches line1 doubles was the first to finish losing 6-7, 6-7 with a very close come out , which could have one either way. Next Gillian bosko finished against Camden 4-6, 6-7. Leaving it up to Megan Hackett, Alonna Wood and Line 2 doubles Lorelai wood and Makenzie Englert. Alonna wood losing the first set 5-7 and taking a medical time-out in between sets had a major comeback winning the second set 6-0 going into a third for the team to stay in the competition. Megan Hackett in a second set tiebreak after being down 6-7 was competing to stay in it as well. Meanwhile, line 2 doubles were winning 6-4, 5-3 about to finish it out, Camden came out on top in the end. The Woodstock girl’s tennis team showed major dedication fight and never once gave up on the courts which shows true character. Woodstock couldn’t be prouder of them for how they showed such good character.


Alonna wood coming back with a straight set 6-0 without dropping a single game.

Megan Hackett competing in the tiebreak which went back and forth.

Player interviews:

Taylor Nelson:

How do you feel the team competed?

“There’s one thing I would never change about this team and that’s the fight we have, I couldn’t be more-proud of the way these girls gave their hearts out their today.” “being on this team shows the definition of teamwork, when one of us is having a bad day, we pick each other up. I had the best season ever and wouldn’t change it for the world”, said Taylor Nelson.


What are you going to miss most about playing high school tennis?

“I’m going to miss the girls the most, I love being around them and having them all so close in my life. I’m also going to miss seeing all my old tournament friends at matches and getting to compete with them, playing high school tennis is so much fun when you play people you know. College will be a great experience for me and I’m very excited, it just won’t be any of the people I grew up around, so it’s going to be a change for me, but I’m very excited.”


Camden high school ended up coming out on top winning the first three lines, which then all the rest stopped play. The girls were all very devastated, but they all fought their very hardest. This year’s season was one for the books. The team had so many wonderful memories they shared throughout their journey and will continue to make so many more through the years the seniors that are graduating are going to continue their tennis carrier playing in college as well. It was a great season overall for the Woodstock girl’s tennis team, Woodstock couldn’t be more-proud of them!!!!


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