Tyson Campbell- Most talented Georgia Cornerback recruit ever? Staff Writer: Corey Darko

DAWGGeorgia’s season was remembered for blowing coverage on 2nd and 26 against Alabama when true freshman Tua Tagovailoa looked off the safety and threw a strike to Devonta Smith. A story all too familiar for Georgia: bad cornerback play has haunted them twice against Alabama as in 2012 Amari Cooper burned a Georgia DB for a 50-yard touchdown. Because of this, Kirby Smart went hard after cornerbacks after the season. Outside of Deandre Baker, Georgia is missing a difference maker at the cornerback position. Many were skeptical if Georgia can ever get that elite cornerback recruit as multiple 5-star corners have passed up Georgia. Smart emphatically answered this question by getting the 9th ranked player in the nation and 2nd  corner in Tyson Campbell. Georgia fans were extremely excited they finally got that blue-chip 5 star corner as Woodstock High School junior Mario Zembrano anointed Tyson Campbell as “the best corner Georgia has gotten since Champ Bailey” who happens to be a top 10 cornerback all time. Is Campbell truly worthy of this lofty praise? Let’s take a look at the past 5-star cornerbacks Georgia has gotten and evaluate the measurables and talent Tyson Campbell brings.

georgia visit

Caption: Tyson Campbell suited up during his Georgia recruiting Visit.

Credit: Photo Courtesy of Tyson Campbell’s Twitter page. Gathered by Foroutan Gorgi.

Measurable: In terms of physical talent, Tyson Campbell might be the most physically talented corner of the past 5-star cornerbacks in the last 18 years that Georgia has gotten. Campbell is 6 feet 2 inches tall (USE AP STYLE FOR MEASUREMENTS) with long arms and has legitimate 4.3 speed. In comparison to former 5-stars Branden Smith and the late Paul Oliver, both were only 5 feet 11 inches and neither had the athleticism and explosiveness of Tyson Campbell. While both Smith and Oliver played much bigger than 5 feet 11 inches tall, neither brings the physical tools that Campbell has. As a result, Campbell gets the edge here. Advantage: Campbell


Caption:  Tyson Campbell putting in work as he will bring his strong work ethic to Georgia.

Credit: Photo Courtesty of Tyson Campbell’s Twitter page. Gathered by Foroutan Gorgi.


High School Rankings: In terms of ESPN ranking, Paul Oliver was surprisingly only ranked  49th overall and the 9th ranked cornerback recruit despite being a 5-star recruit in the class of 2003. Branden Smith was ranked  30th and the 4th ranked corner in the class of 2009. Tyson Campbell was the 9th ranked overall recruit and 2nd ranked corner (STILL SAYS CORNER IN BOTH RANKINGS HERE) in the class of 2018. As a result, in terms of recruiting grade, Campbell was clearly the most sought-after corner of the three. While recruiting rankings doesn’t guarantee success, NFL cornerback stars such as Patrick Peterson (8th ranked player in his class) and Jalen Ramsey ( 14th ranked player in his class) both lived up to their lofty rankings and went on to be top 5 picks and NFL superstars. As a result, Campbell gets the edge here. Advantage: Campbell.


Caption: Tyson Campbell and his family posing for a historic picture at his senior night high school football game

Credit: Photo Courtesy of Tyson Campbell’s Instagram page. Gathered by Foroutan Gorgi


Potential: With all do respect to both Paul Oliver and Branden Smith, neither had the potential of Tyson Campbell. Despite not being the No. 1 cornerback recruit, most scouts feel Tyson Campbell has more potential then Patrick Surtain Jr., the No.1 corner in the nation simply because Campbell has much more room to grow and has not played the position for a long period of time. Despite what Oliver and Smith brought, neither of them can touch Campbell’s potential.   In fact, Woodstock High School sophomore Michael Burke stated, “As a Florida Gator fan it pains me to admit Georgia got the best cornerback in the country in Tyson Campbell.” Advantage: Campbell.


Caption: The school Tyson Campbell would eventually Commit as Georgia will get one of their highest ranked corner commitments in their school history.

Credit: Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons. Gathered by Foroutan Gorgi


Weaknesses with the Campbell: Despite praising Campbell, he isn’t perfect by no means. At only 180 pounds, Campbell does need to get stronger to be able to play in the SEC. He also needs to refine his technique as it is a bit raw and has a tendency to occasionally give up a big play since he overly trusts in his speed. He also tends to bite on double moves more than you want from corner in the SEC. Campbell is only 18 and has played corner for only two years, however occasionally, that inexperience in the game shows as Woodstock High School junior Matthew Waldrop stated, “Campbell will take time to develop as he is very raw for a 5 star.” Despite the raw tools Campbell contains he also is a very raw player.


Caption: Tyson Campbell suited up to play for his high school American Heritage.

Credit: Photo Courtesy of Tyson Campbell’s Instagram Page. Gathered by Foroutan Gorgi

What Campbell brings to Georgia: What Campbell brings to Georgia is quite clear: He brings a special combination of size, speed and length. The moment Campbell steps on Georgia’s campus he will immediately be the most naturally talented corner on the team and that includes All-American corner Deandre Baker. He also brings versatility as he has the athleticism and ball skills to play almost anywhere in the secondary. In fact, Woodstock High School junior Tyler Ennis states, “Tyson Campbell right now might be the fastest player on the Georgia team.” As a result, Georgia will get a ball-hawking playmaker corner who brings plenty of size and speed.

Now comes the big question: Is Tyson Campbell truly the most talented corner Georgia has gotten since Champ Bailey? It is very hard to say since Campbell has not even taken part in summer practice and hasn’t played a college game. However, in terms of entering college, Campbell is easily more talented than Paul Oliver and Branden Smith and has even garnered Champ Bailey comparisons because he has similar skills you can’t teach such as size, speed and ball skills. It will be very exciting to see how much Tyson Campbell grows during his freshman year at Georgia.



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