Ms. Prom Queen

Section writer: Hannah Suh

Reesa Winters is a Woodstock High School senior this year who has been a great role model to me and many other people. I first met her through lacrosse, and from last year to this year, I was able to see her as a great leader and just overall person. I wanted to be able to write my last article on someone who was a great influence and motivator for me this year.

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Reesa Winters playing in a Woodstock lacrosse game.
Photo courtesy of: Mrs. Winter

If you ask anyone who knows her about her, they will say so many positive things.

“Reesa is someone who was there to help me through the three years I have done lacrosse. I started in eighth grade playing on the High School team, and she helped me and many of the other girls by welcoming us and giving us tips and advice. She is always so bright and just someone you always want to be around. She is always hard working and kind and genuine. I am so thankful to have been able to play on the same team as her these three years. It is sad to see her leave, but I am glad that she is going to a great college and I hope she loves it!” -Mackenzie Rich, a sophomore

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Reesa headshot.
Photo courtesy of: Ashley Watkins

“Reesa was an amazing captain. She was able to show leadership in a fun way, making practices fun but still getting work done. She’s an amazing person and anyone would be lucky to have her as a friend. She’s a person whom you can trust and rely on. I’ve had the opportunity to play with her for two seasons and she’ll be greatly missed.”

-Melissa Ledezma, a sophomore

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Reesa and her brother TD.
Photo courtesy of: Mrs. Winter

For me, I started lacrosse in my freshman year, and I always saw her doing so great with lacrosse and helping everyone else. She was always smiling during games and having fun while being a great player. If she saw me or anyone else struggling during practices or a game, she would kindly help them and give them advice. It was always so memorable because she was so sweet about it and it really did help us become better players and a better team. As a senior, she was one of the team captains, so she took on a lot of responsibility and helped motivate the team and create a great atmosphere to help with the unity.

Senior year is such a memorable year, so I wanted to be able to ask her questions about it as she goes off to college and her future.

What was the most memorable high school year for you?

“year was the most memorable for me.”

What are you planning to do after high school? (College or job)

“After high school, I am planning to go to KSU for their Architecture Program.”

What are some things that have changed for you now that you are graduating?

“One thing that has changed for me is realizing the little amount of time I have left with my friends before they go off to colleges in different states.”

What was the most memorable part of your senior year?

“The most memorable part of my senior year was prom night.”

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Reesa Winters and Logan Venable winning prom king & queen.
Photo courtesy of: Carleigh Ellison

What are some things you had to do throughout high school in order to graduate and get into the college you are planning to go to?

“In order to get through high school I had to study a lot and work hard in order to get passing scores on the ACT.”

Who are some people that helped you get through the struggles of High School?

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Reesa and her best friend, Julia.
Photo courtesy of: Ashley Watkins

“Some things that got me through high school would be my friends and google.”

What are some things that you have learned as you went through high school?

“Throughout high school, I was able to learn more about friendship and gossip.”

Were you able to balance academics and sports like lacrosse?

“Although it was hard, I was able to balance them both out.”

What are some worries that you have going into college and some things you are excited about?

“ I’m worried about all the tests I will have to take and I’m excited for all the new people I’m going to meet”

What was your senior quote (if you had one) ? If you didn’t have one, what is a quote that you live by?

“Issa knife” -21 Savage

Although it is sad to see such an amazing person leave Woodstock High School, we are all glad that she is able to go and live an amazing college life! She really made her mark on so many people by touching their lives through her kindness and love. We all hope that she has an amazing college life and future! We will miss you Reesa!

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