James harden leading his team to a one seed going into playoffs. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons. Gathered by carter maczko

The NBA is full of elite basketball stars that compete almost every day to be the best. To be the best you must play like the best, and if you play like the best you will get awarded for being the best. The Most Valuable Player award or MVP award is given to those that have the best numbers, leadership, and even swagger. It is a huge thing to win the MVP award in the NBA because only the best basketball players in the entire World get to say that they have done so.  


This year’s NBA regular season was a crazy one. Multiple record were broken, lots of huge trades went down, and now there is a huge conversation on who the MVP of the regular season should be. Strong cases could be made about these players to become this year’s MVP. James Harden, Lebron James (of course), Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant.  

Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden has always been an MVP candidate, but this year was special for him. He was a huge part of the very successful season by leading the offense in points. Harden averaged almost seven points more than he ha


James harden flexing for the camera and a 50 point triple-double. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons. Gathered by carter maczko

s in his career by averaging 30.4 points per game. He also led the NBA in points which makes him no joke for this MVP race. He averaged almost four more assists a game then his past seasons, and still has a beautiful beard. Freshman Walker Ormsby believes that Harden will win MVP because ” His step back is lethal, and he is the leading scorer in the league which makes him one of the best players in the league and this year’s MVP” 


Cleveland Cavilers forward Lebron James is considered one of the best players of all time. Every single year he has been in the league he has


Lebron James leading his struggling team to a 3 dead in the playoffs. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons. Gathered by carter maczkoe

been in the conversation for the MVP award. He is no rookie when it comes to winning the MVP as he has won it four times in his career and continues to play like he could win it again. Even in his fifteenth season he has had one of his best. He beat his average in points, assists, and rebounds which puts him in the MVP race. Freshman Dylan Welsh strongly believes that Lebron should be the MVP because ” Lebron is king, and he cannot be stopped by anyone in the league which makes him the best player in the world” 


Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant is one of the best players of our generation. He has won the MVP award before in 2013-2014 season and continues to be a force in the league. His stats are insane for a small forward and is very hard to guard his lanky six-foot-ten build. He averaged not even a point below his career average in points, but three more assists per game than his career average. Freshman Sebastian Moss hopes that KD can pull out another MVP because ” He is six foot ten and plays like a point guard, and he leads one of the best teams in the NBA in points.” 

We all know Golden State Warriors Guard Stephen Curry for his flashy three, and circus shots under the rim. He was down for a good part of the end of the season with an injury, but that didn’t stop him from putting up staggering numbers on the season, and not to mention. With one MVP award already under his belt, this season he averaged over three points more than his career average and racked up two more assists on the season than in his career. Coach Wren believes Steph will win the MVP because ” I don’t know basketball, but I know Stephen Curry is good, so he must be MVP.” 

All in all, this year’s MVP race is turning out to be a great one. There are many arguments for why a particular player could be the 2018 MVP, and that is what makes it such a interesting thing to follow. 


Lebron James having an incredible season at the age of 33. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons. Gathered by carter maczkoption


Many people are favoring towards Harden as the MVP because of his ridiculous stats this year, and the incredible show he has been putting on this whole season. Some are saying that this is one of the best offensive seasons in the history of the NBA, and there is no question that Harden should be a finalist, if not the MVP. 

Lebron, KD, and Curry still have a good chance of winning the MVP because of their huge leadership roles on their teams, and the insane numbers put up throughout the season.  





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