Spring Into Football


Wide receiver Wes Bruno and cornerback Amin Davis waiting for a play to be called (Photo taken by Elena Waldroop).

Spring football is a season of football that happens at the end of the school year. For Woodstock High School, it started on May 3. Spring football is primarily used for getting the players back into shape and to get used to football again before the summer workouts begin. At the beginning of the spring season, the players wore just helmets, shoulder pads, and shorts, also known as shells.


When asked how spring football was a helpful aspect in his football career, rising junior quarterback Shane Zachos said, “Spring football is helpful to me because it gives me a chance to knock off the rust from the off season, and it gives me an extra three weeks of practice before we begin our real season.”

Another reason spring football is important is because it gives coaches an idea of what their team has going into the season. And for Woodstock’s team this year, it is important for the coaches to figure out what the team will look like at the start of next season because of all the starters that will graduate this year.

After last year’s sweet sixteen run by Woodstock High School’s football team, a lot will be expected out of the 2018 team. But, the team has lost a lot of its key players from last season. For the offense, there is almost 5,000 yards of offensive production to be replaced, coming from quarterback Garrett Bass and wide receivers Louis Hall and Noah Frith. Also on the defensive side, there is only one returning starter from last season, rising junior Andrew Bartolero.


Quarterback Dean Braxton getting ready to throw the ball in a 1v1 drill (Photo taken by Elena Waldroop).

How is the team going to refill these positions? That question can be better answered after the spring season was played through. The starting quarterback during this year’s spring season was rising senior Dean Braxton. Braxton looked very well running the ball, and when paired with running back Ryan Martin and a few other good looking running backs, the run game for the Wolverine offense could be outstanding. Another piece of the Wolverine offense that will improve the run game even more is an experienced offensive line, led by Trevor Stephens, who recently got his first division one offer from Marshall University. The wide receiver core for the offense is somewhat young, having sophomores Wes Bruno and Sebastian Moss in the starting rotation along with upperclassmen Radi Krastev and Jabari Overton.


When asked how he thinks the offense will look at the start of the fall season, rising senior Ryan Martin said, “The offense we have this year is different from what we’ve had in the past because of the different talent we have in different positions, but I think we can pull it together and have a great season.”

With the defense being inexperienced this upcoming season, fans of Woodstock Football will have a lot of new faces to cheer on next season. The faces on defense that will have to be replaced include Latrell Bankston, an All-State defensive lineman, and Caleb Bartolero, a first team All-Region middle linebacker.

At the end of the spring season, there is a spring scrimmage played against another


Coaches watching the players line up during team time (Photo taken by Elena Waldroop).

school. This year, the Wolverines took on the Kell Longhorns. The Longhorns are in the 5A division for Georgia sports, and the last few seasons they have made deep runs in the playoffs. The spring game starts off like a normal game, but at halftime the quarters are changed to running clock,


which means the clock does not stop for anything. After a long game consisting of a rain delay during the first quarter, the Wolverines narrowly fell to the Longhorns 31-28.

The Wolverine football team has a lot to prove going into the next fall season. After a good spring season, the team will go through summer workouts and practices and prepare to make a deep run in the playoffs come fall.

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