Frozen Waves – Chapter 14

“Frigid…” Hydro sighed, looking over at him. It had been nearly two hours since the attack, and after they had sat in his dorm, Frigid hadn’t moved a muscle or spoke a word.

“Frigid, please. We can’t just hide here.” She said. “We know who the assassin is, we need to tell Clay and the other Dragonets of Destiny.”

“And what will they do?” Frigid spoke for the first time. “Acid obviously is smart and skilled. What can they do to stop him?”

“They ended the war years ago. I’m sure they can handle a group of assassins.”

Frigid sighed. “I just don’t understand. Why go after Polar? Why go through so much trouble to lure him here? What could my father have done to anger a dragon like Acid?”

“He did something…” Hydro sighed. “We may not know what, but it was something.”

Frigid slumped over. “And now we’ll never know…”

“Well…” Hydro’s eyes widened as she got an idea. “Not necessarily. What if we figured out what Acid wants? We can give him whatever it is he’s looking for and then he’ll leave us alone, right?”

“Hydro, he’ll kill us on the spot the moment we so much as glance in his direction.” Frigid argued. “You really think we stand a chance against him?”

“Hey, I fought a Hydra, a clan of bandits, and a part of the RainWing army and came out alive.” Hydro said confidently.

“Okay, first off, you didn’t fight the Hydra, you distracted it. Second, you were mind controlled when you fought the bandits. And third, the RainWing army underestimated you and Avocet. Acid won’t do the same.”

Hydro’s confidence deflated a little at Frigid’s brutal honesty. “Frigid… I know this is tough, but-”

“No, you don’t!” Frigid suddenly exploded. “I just watched my father die on the rocks. I saw the bodies of dragons I knew my whole life!” Frigid hissed, frost spilling from his mouth. “You know nothing about what I’ve been through!”

you know nothing.png

Art by Kylee Jones

Hydro stood, frozen in fear as Frigid loomed over her. Her eyes watered, and she turned away, darting into the hall with tears streaming down her face. Her sobs echoed through the empty caves.

Frigid turned, his eyes wide as he realized what he’d done. But it was too late- Hydro was long gone.

“Moons above… I’m so stupid…” Frigid growled to himself. He slowly curled up on his bed, staring at nothing, until he eventually fell asleep.


Nightwalker sighed as he pulled out his homework that he had procrastinated on. He desperately wanted to just magick it done, but he knew he’d be getting an ear full from Hydro fi he did, so he resigned to doing it the old-fashioned way. Writing it himself.

It wasn’t that it was difficult- it was quite easy actually. But it was boring and tedious, as most of the schoolwork was. He let out an audible groan as he moved from question one to question two.

“Could you try to at least be a little quiet?” Acrylica said irritably. “Some of us are trying to focus.”

“Relax, sis.” Ratchet replied, waving a talon. “Let Night do his thing. Besides, there’s a whole library you can work at if you don’t like noise.”

Acrylica’s blind eyes rolled as she turned back to her paper, her talons tracing the bumps in the scroll as she read in braille.

Night smiled gratefully at Ratchet before turning back to his work. He was about finished and ready to flop down and sleep when he saw Hydro dart through the hall, the echoes of her crying following her.

“Hydro?” Night asked, standing quickly. She didn’t seem to hear him, or if she did she ignored him. Moving quickly, Night grabbed a bag with a few useful enchanted items in it and followed Hydro. Ratchet watched in confusion while Acrylica jerked up from her paper. “Now where is he going?”

“Um… Following Hydro it looked like.” Ratchet said. His head tilted in the air. “Something… Something’s not right. Come on!” He said, grabbing Acrylica’s wing to guide her through the halls and following after Nightwalker.


Hydro fled through the halls, intending to go to her dorm where she would be left alone. However, she felt her paws taking her another direction. She didn’t really care, she just wanted to be away from Frigid. She ran to one of the school exits and spread her wings, taking flight off the sheer cliffs. Gliding away from the school, she went to one of the smaller nearby mountains, landing on the familiar rocky landscape that surrounded her little cave home. She squeezed herself in, curling up near the back and sighing.

“Don’t understand…” Hydro scoffed. “I don’t understand him? Yeah right. He has no idea what I’ve been through.” She growled to herself. “Stupid IceWing.”

She was about to drift off to sleep when she heard the sound of… something, landing outside her cave. She sat up quickly, growling. “Frigid, I don’t want to talk to you right now.”

“Oh, don’t worry.” A chilling voice said. “Frigid won’t be talking to you ever again.”

Hydro’s pupils turned in to pinpricks. “Oh no…”

“Oh, yes.” The dragon stepped into the room, chuckling dangerously. Half melted face… Missing a wing…


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