Football, Softball and Volleyball are back; Cross Country Superstar

Staff Writer: Ramon Elortondo 

Lead Story: The start of the football season is finally amongst us. Students put their Hawaiian shirts on with all types of fun accessories, to gather at River Ridge High School. Last season, our Wolverines finished 7-5, however after Marietta was forced to forfeit all their wins because of violations, that pushed Woodstock to an 8-4 record. The environment at the game was breathtaking.  

 field 1

Woodstock put in new turf this season along with the rest of the county. This beautiful field got done just in time for the first home game and was first used during morning walk through Thursday morning. Photo credit: @WoodstockHS1 

It was clearly evident that Woodstock is a school that has spirited students that weren’t shy to cheer on their team. Before the game, fans played games in the parking lot, tossing around the pig skin and playing cornhole were just a few. As kickoff got closer, they swarmed into the stands filling almost all of the student section for just the first game of the year. Dean Braxton, a senior in his first varsity career start came out firing both in the air and ground. His big lefty arm moved the ball down the field. He only played in the first half, but Braxton didn’t disappoint; both throwing and running for a touchdown that put Woodstock up 17-0. The defense played strong as well, not allowing a score till the end of the game. Outside linebacker and team captain Campbell Price, a Woodstock senior, had a dominant game. The game ended 17-6 with a late touchdown from the River Ridge Knight back-ups. All in all, it was an exciting game that gave the school a lot to look forward to this season.  

In Case You Missed It: The softball team is off to a 3-3 start this year playing against teams like River Ridge, Lassiter, Etowah and more. 

 softball 1

Varsity softball was leading Etowah 3-0 at the bottom of the second when this picture was taken. The Wolverines had a packed house versus their rival. Photo credit: @WoodstockHS1 

Star player Laura Bishop, a Woodstock senior, led the Lady Wolverines to a 4-2, but in the next game they went down 10-4. While talking to softball Head Coach Alex Gray, he said he likes his chances this year.  

“I’m not sure how we will fair in state, but I am confident we will make it there. We have a good team.” I went on to talk about what he enjoys about coaching softball, “I like it a lot actually. The game is super strategic, and I love giving advice. I like to think I’m super competitive so whenever you put me in a position to compete, I thrive and love it.” 

For cross country, Brynne Sumner, a Woodstock senior, received her two-event state championship ring for winning the 7A 800m and 1600m.  

 brynne 1

Brynne Sumner (left) and head cross country coach, Kirk Scharich (right), have been together since Sumner’s freshman year. Sumner was given her ring at Woodstock’s first home football game this year. Photo credit: @whsathlactivity  

What an amazing accomplishment for Sumner, who’s a top runner in the state of Georgia. 

Off the Field: It is safe to say that off the football field, the Woodstock High School student section is one of the best student sections in the county if not state. The student’s passion to support their friends on the football field puts hypes all the players up. When they look back and see the crowd of singing chant songs or flailing their arms while jumping to music, our football players get an extra boost and gives them something to play for. They do not want to let that crowd down. The seniors have made a twitter account to keep all students up to date on what the themes are each week, as well as times to show up at the tailgate. Seniors are trying to get everyone involved this year.  

 crowd 1

Woodstock students packed the house and even came with big speakers to play music. During timeouts and stoppage of play they danced to a variety of songs. This home game was a construction out. Photo credit: @WoodstockHS1  

When catching up with Chris Carroll, a Woodstock senior, he said, “It doesn’t matter what grade you’re in I want you to cheer as loud as you can. Last year the seniors were leaving in the middle of games, but I promise you that none of us will be leaving till the last whistle. It doesn’t matter if we are up by 20 or down 20. We’re cheering are hearts out every step of the way.”  

Chris and the rest of them did exactly what he said. They stayed the whole game against North Cobb and Creekview despite losing by double digit points in both games. Their school pride shines and it is a beautiful thing to see.  

By the Numbers: In the first scrimmage of the year, senior team captain Campbell Price had one sack and seven tackles against the River Ridge Knights.  

Wolverine of the Month: Cassidy Urode, a Woodstock senior, is four-year varsity volleyball player. She plays libero for the Lady Wolverines and says she has never been too tall to play anything on the court. I asked her how long she’s been playing volleyball since she was a little girl. 

 volleyball 1

Cassidy Urode (wearing dark colored jersey) wears a different colored jersey than the rest of the team to show that she is the libero. That position usually is the one that gets the first bump that goes to the setter. Photo credit: Kathi Hines. 

“As far as I can remember, I think I started in the fifth grade. It’s been so long that I really can’t remember the last time I wasn’t playing. During Summer I play beach tournaments, and then the high school season comes along, we have almost practiced every day. I don’t mind it thought to be honest. I enjoy it a lot and it really just takes me away from all the distractions of high school.” 

Urode played with her Woodstock graduate sister, Courtney Urode, class of 2018. Her sister went on to Ole Miss and didn’t want to play in college. However, Cassidy has different plans, saying with the right opportunity, she would love to play in college. 

Quotable: Ryan Martin, starting senior running back, broke his collarbone before the season started. He told me he was going to miss the whole first half of the season.  

“It sucks. I’m missing half the season of my last year playing football. I don’t think I will be playing in college. High school is all I have left. I guess the bright side is I think my first game back will be against Etowah which is my favorite game of every year. I can’t wait to get back practicing and get on the field with my team.” 

Looking Ahead: The football team will play “cross-Towne” rival Etowah Oct. 15 at home this year. The game is usually the biggest of the year for the Wolverines due to the rivalry these two schools have had over the years. Last year your Woodstock Wolverines pulled out a close one in a last second win, 38-35. predicted the schools to finish second and third in the region, with Etowah being the second-place team. It will be an amazing game this year like it always is.  






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