How Do We Replace Frith and Hall?

Staff Writer: Corey Darko

This year’s football team will go through a lot of change as they must replace star defensive tackle Latrell Bankston and quarterback Garrett Bass. However, the position that must replace the most is the wide receiving core as they lose star wide receivers Noah Frith and Louis Hall.

Both brought something different to the table as Hall was a great run-after the catch player and Frith’s advanced catch radius along with his 6 foot 4 frame allowed him to win many jump ball situations and was a great deep ball target. Without those guys, the wide receiver position for Woodstock this year is their biggest question mark, who will replace those guys production?  We will break down some of the potential issues along with positives in attempting to release these two dynamic receivers.


North Cobb running back Trevor Lovett had over 170 as Woodstock struggled to contain him.

Photo credit:

Positive: Louis and Noah departing gives other young guys an opportunity to prove themselves. It happens in football all the time in high school and college. Eventually you will have to replace those dynamic players that is what separates the good programs from the great one. Alabama consistently loses all American/ first round talent every year but are still able to make it to the playoffs almost every year because they reload with more five-star talent and have players already lined up.

In fact, Woodstock High School senior Carson Beasley believes this could be a positive thing as he stated, “As much as it hurts losing Louis Hall and Noah, it allows other young promising wide receivers Woodstock has to shine and have a chance to have a breakout season.” This perfectly sums up how losing Louis Hall and Noah Frith allows the opportunity for new wide receivers to emerge.



Woodstock High School freshman wide receiver Brooks Bortle received the MVP at the International Under-15 bowl.


Negatives: Loss of proven players and veteran experience will hurt Woodstock. Not only were Noah and Louis proven playmakers, but they also provided veteran leadership in the Lockeroom. Without them, there will be a leadership void that has to be filled, which can be a concern.

Despite how talented some of these wide receivers Woodstock has, their lack of experience in big games might result in some growing pains, as evident by their 35-21 loss to North Cobb. Head coach Budde, courtesy of mdjonline, stated, “With young guys, especially to begin the season, everyone’s not on their ‘A’ game.”


Student section cheering on the football team during their loss to Creekview.

Credit: Woodstock High School’s twitter

Coach Budde’s statement perfectly symbolizes the growing pains of playing young players. Despite how talented they might be growing pains are always expected out of young players and that was especially true in their senior quarterback Dean Braxton. He did show flashes of athleticism as he exploded for a 38- yard touchdown run in the first quarter to give Woodstock an early 7-0 lead. However, he showed his rawness as a passer as he only completed 14-27 of his passes.

In fact, Woodstock High School senior Hunter Leonard, who is on the football team, stated, “we have a lot of talented players, but we are young right now, these growing pains will only make us better.”

While the team will undoubtably improve, the losses of Noah and Louis will at least be felt early in the season.


Louis Hall posing for his Furman photoshoot

Credit: Louis Hall’s Twitter


Positives: No Louis Hall and Noah Frith allows the quarterback to spread the ball around and not always force the ball to those two dynamic playmakers.  Sometimes when you have receivers as dynamic as Louis and Noah you feel pressure to deliver the ball as much as possible to those playmakers.

In fact, Woodstock High School senior Dylan Burkhalter stated, “While having an elite Wide receiver is great, you do feel pressure to deliver them the ball. For example, when Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions had Calvin Johnson, he would regularly force him the ball which lead to a bad passer rating and a ton of picks. Without Calvin Johnson, He is much better at spreading the ball around.”



Noah Frith making one of his many acrobatic jump-ball catches he made at Woodstock


That quote perfectly symbolizes that lacking an elite wide receiver can actually be a positive thing.

Positives: Young wide receivers already showing promise. Head coach Budde was very clear how tough it is replacing Louis and Noah as he stated, “It’s been tough because the guys were replacing them with is young.”

However, he was also optimistic that some of the young wide receivers will eventually fill the void left behind by Louis Hall and Noah Frith.  Receivers such as sophomore Wes Burno and freshmen Brooks Bortles are already getting significant playing time. Brooks Bortles came into Woodstock with a lot of hype as he dominated middle school and was even named USA Football International Bowl filled with some of the best Under-15 football players in the nation. While there is a lot of inexperienced, it is a good sign that the young receivers are already showing promise. In fact, Woodstock High School senior Will Wagoner stated, “In time, I think the wide receiving core can develop into a strength for Woodstock.”

Conclusion: After Evaluating the wide receiving core, I believe they have potential to be good but it will take time as the team has started out 0-2 and the passing game has been struggling. Coach Budde short of expected a slow start with the offense as he stated, “Right now their learning to lead,” as they attempt to fill the voids left by the graduating seniors.

However, that doesn’t mean that won’t eventually happen as coach believes with team these wide receivers can make the same impact Louis Hall and Noah Frith had, meaning there is still hope that the football team can turn around their slow start to the season.

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