Photographer-  Portia Simpson


The winning smiles for the “winning game.”

In the picture above is a group friend enjoying the game in the group is  (Left to Right) Lindsey Lee, Julia, Haley Como, and Camy Neville.

The group of girls were standing by the railing watching the game when I asked them to take a picture.  I picked these girls because they were all somehow matching this made the photo look very well put together. They were also in the perfect lighting.



In this picture is our loved principal Mr. Smith.

In the picture, Mr. Smith is showing his enthusiasm for this year’s school year. When I asked for Mr. Smith to take a photo of him, he was quick and ready to help me take photo. I wanted Mr. Smith in my photo because he represents Woodstock. He is always ready to help and motivate students.


Food always brings joy!

In the picture are freshman students attending the first home game in the picture is (left to right) Emma Bryant, Maddie Marcinkowski, and Amanda Llyod.

These girls were at the concession stand getting food for the first home game at Woodstock High School. I picked these girls because I wanted a trio of best friends and they were just that.










  1. Wow those ARE AMAZING

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