Twenty One Pilots: Evolution, Influences and Motivator

Staff Writer: Jay Terry

aug 1

This is Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. They form Twenty One Pilots They were at the 2016 EMAS. This stands for Europe Music Awards. They won 2 EMAS that year. Picture courtesy of: Mutant Kids Brazil

I have one suggestion for you. Avoid highway 75 on Nov. 2. Why? Because on Nov. 2 the traffic will be insane. In the car next to you, you will see people in ski masks, thrashing their heads to music you have probably never heard of. Then while you drive past Pillips Arena you will see the name Twenty One Pilots everywhere you look. So, unless you want to be stuck in traffic for about for hours on a cold Friday night, I really suggest that you take my advice.


This Twenty One Pilots verses the band My Chemical Romance. This was huge in 2006. Picture courtesy of: Coub

Twenty One Pilots from Columbus, Ohio. The band comprises of Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph. Tyler Joseph is the singer and one of the songwriters for the duo. They call their genre of music schizophrenic pop. This genre is when an artist talks about mental illness in a way that My Chemical Romance did.

Tyler suffers with depression and anxiety. Therefore, he writes about mental illness. Then, there is Josh Dun. He is the drummer and songwriter of the group. He also, sadly, suffers from depression. Josh usually is drumming with everything he has. They show that they have passion and love what they do. They help people. That is why the fans are so loyal.

On Dec. 29, 2009, the band released their very first album name after themselves. At that point in their career, they did not have a single song number 1 on any music chart. They basically were their own marketing team. They were not signed to a label when they were promoting their next two albums Regional at Best and Vessel.


This is the Trench album cover. On this cover there is their new logo. This is what all of the Twenty One Pilots fans are confused about. Picture courtesy of:

Then in 2012, the duo was signed to the record label called Fueled by Ramen. Bands like Panic! At the Disco, Paramore, Fall Out Boy and fun. Are also signed to this label. Then, in 2015, they released their album Blurryface. There was a multitude of great songs on this album but only two of these songs hit Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 music chart. These two songs were Ride and Stressed out. Maybe, you have heard of them? These songs put them on the map.

Their latest album will not be released until Oct. 5. This new album is called Trench and it has all of their fans creating conspiracy theories. Tyler can not go anywhere wearing a hat without one of his fans creating a whole conspiracy fan account on Instagram. Some fans are so hardcore that they believe that Josh and Tyler are an actual couple. I am one of those hardcore fans by the way.

A couple of songs on the Trench album are linked together. The video has one common story. The videos of Levitate, Jumpsuit, and The Nico Niners from the album that is very creepy. Fans all over the world are trying to figure why they changed their logo and what it means. Twenty One Pilots fans are loyal. They are like Michael Jackson fan loyal.


: Josh and Tyler at the iHeart Radio MMVAS. They weren’t nominated for anything that year. Picture courtesy of: NY Daily News

In conclusion, the evolution of Twenty One Pilots is revolutionary. They went from, their own self promoting, garage playing, searching for gigs band to a getting signed by labels, playing at the VMAS(Video Music Awards, for those of you who do not know what it is), turning down gigs kind of bands. They did this in a matter of three years.

It sometimes takes over 10 years for some bands to get established especially when they talk about mental illness like they do. They have impacts on the community that they do not even know about. They influence people without even realizing it. Some people say that Twenty One Pilots talk about mental illness but never does anything charitable towards the cause however many people would disagree. These people would say that the message and music that they send out is enough. It might help influence people’s feelings by making them feel better because they now know that they are not alone when dealing with the mental illness that they are dealing with. It also helps some of the fans realize that they should not let depression or anxiety, for example, stop them from pursuing their dreams.

It also shows that you do not have to be emo to listen to their music. It shows that you do not even have to have a mental illness. They write music to inspire everyone, around the world, to be more considerate, aware, and more watchful of signs, It encourages people to feel better about themselves. That is why the remarkable band came to be and how they influenced and inspired many people.

After reading the Twenty One Pilots songs, “Migraine” and “Goner”, here is what a few people had to say:

“I think that they are really good at capturing what it is like to have anxiety.” Anonymous(10th)

“I feel almost as if they are trying to make people feel sad.” Ahmoni Terry(6th)

“This is amazing. I can really relate.” Anonymous (9th)

“I just don’t get how people can listen to this stuff, I like upbeat music not sad and depressing music. I am just saying.” Carmelina Terry(8th) (little sister)


This picture represents the struggles of having depression and anxiety. This also represents what Twenty One Pilots represents. Picture courtesy of: Pinterest

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