What’s Going on Mother Nature?

Staff Writer: Arie Mitchell

The weather in the United States America is all over the place. There have been multiple storms ripping through the South, all the while there are wildfires blazing through California. There have been dozens of deaths caused by extreme weather in July and unfortunately, there may be more to come.

In California the weather is at an all-time high setting records for the state. Not to mention heat waves are the deadliest of climate related calamities. There has been a continuous wildfire spreading through northeastern California since July 23. The fire ignited when a trailer sustained a flat tire allowing the rim to skim on asphalt triggering what is known to be the eighth deadliest wildfire in the state! It is known as the Carr Fire. Although the Carr Fire is the main one, there are about nine other fires going on in other areas of the state.


Carr Fire in California, 2018. The fire has covered a large amount of the state. Officials are doing the best they can. Photo Courtesy of: Fox8news.com.

The National Interagency Fire Center told CNN that the state has “spent a quarter of their firefighting budget for the year just for the month of July.” There have been seven reported casualties so far. To weaken the fire, officials have put inmates on the field. They are being payed one dollar an hour and their cause is also lessening their sentences.

Fire fighters and emergency personnel have been helping the people in need by donating clothes and food, raising money, and even giving free haircuts. The damsels have written signs thanking their providers. Many people have also reached out to social media to ask for help and donations as well.


The Carr Fire has consumed as many as 133,950 acres of land and is not slowing down. Photo Courtesy of: wildcoastcompass.com.

Prompted by the question of how she would react if she were in this situation, Jennifer Cogdill, the Woodstock High School media specialist, stated, “You should always listen to government. All the officials are there to help you and you should listen to them. If you need to evacuate you should grab everything you care dearly about, like your children, pets, and your family photos.” She has kids of her own so put in this situation it is probable that she would do everything that she could to protect them.

Other parts of the U.S. are also being affected by severe weather. From Minnesota to Texas there is an extreme storm stretching from one state to another causing five inches of rain, flash flooding, and seven tornadoes. There have been tons of damage caused by this in addition to hail falling and damaging homes and cars. Flooding has occurred in Georgia as well. It is not as threatening as what is currently destroying the Midwest, but it could be soon. Weather reports show that the storms could move here soon.


Aaron Brown, a flood victim here in Georgia, came back from vacation to the malicious surprise of his entire basement being flooded. “At first, I was worried it was my fault for leaving the shower on, then once I got inside I was mainly confused on how it happened. I was scared of what was going to happen next.”


AAA is assisting Carr Fire victims with food and other donations. Photo Courtesy of: businesswire.com.

Brown considered the eating situation to be the most difficult problem to adjust to, “…my family doesn’t have a kitchen anymore so we kind of had to make one upstairs and it sucks because I don’t get to eat as regularly or as well.” Luckily for him he didn’t lose anything too valuable in housing condition. “No there wasn’t like a family antique or anything like that, but I lost my old room in the basement…the flood kind of washed away some memories if that makes sense.” Although he has lost a few memories, one good thing about this is you have more room to make new ones!

Extreme weather is also spewing havoc upon Chicago and the southern Wisconsin area. Rain has been causing major house damage. There is an expected one to two inches or more of rain in Chicago. In Wisconsin the weather is worse. People have been forced upon the rooftops of their cars and trapped inside their homes due excessive flooding. One elderly man was even swept away by the current on the streets while trying to be rescued.


Flood victim of Chicago tries to salvage what he can from his water-soaked home. Photo Courtesy of: chicagotribune.com.

“It floods all the time there. I feel nothing towards it,” stated Kyla Fischer, a former inhabitant of Wisconsin. “When I was eight, I rode my bike down a flooded path… I lost a flip-flop.” When asked about how she would deal with this situation if she still lived there she replied with, “I don’t know, fishing. That’s the only good thing to come of floods.” Most people would be sad that their home state is going through such a hard time, but Fischer always tries to look on the bright side! “Not going to lie, this will finally force them to fix the roads.”


Mother Nature takes back her Earth as she floods the streets of Wisconsin. Photo Courtesy of: wkow.com

There are many extreme weather conditions occurring all over the United States of America right now. Unfortunately, some have lost or have come close to losing their lives in this rut of weather. You could always help by donating your time, money, or even volunteering to help the suffering people. This could just as easily be you or your loved ones in this life altering condition.

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