Finding Your Pathway

Section writer: Hannah Suh


Once one steps foot in high school, they are pressing start on the path to their futures. What one does in school now affects their future. Colleges begin to look at grades and this can be a lot of pressure for young teens. Along with the pressure of trying to uphold grades in order to get into a good college, there is the pressure of having to figure out what you want to do after these four years of school. Whatever path you chose to take is what determines the rest of your life. No pressure.


It is so crazy how one must decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives so soon. Just think about it, whatever you chose to do now is what you are going to do for the rest of your life. You have to figure out your interests, strengths, and weaknesses within a four year period.


In order to help the students make this decision, Woodstock High School has been holding Career Cafes in the library. These sessions are during lunch periods every Wednesday. Anyone who is looking for help on how to deal with their future is welcome to join during their own lunch period. One of our fabulous library assistants, Mrs. Jennifer Cogdill, explained how,  “We aspire to really help students work on their path towards their future through this library program.”


Career Cafes consist of gathering help from many speakers along with peers. We have had many great speakers come in, talking about career choices and start to pathways that might lead to the one that any student may want. This includes talking about schools, scholarships, and colleges. Woodstock High School wants to make sure that our students thrive in their future with the support of our very own staff and students.


Mrs. Cogdill also requested that, “All ages should be welcomed to come, whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior. We see a lot of seniors come and join, but we never get the lower grades. It would be nice to have the lower grades start coming because it is never too early to start planning for your future.”


This program was started over five years ago by our previous library assistant, Mrs. Olton. Her vision to start helping students find their paths has been carried on over the years. Each year the library invites people to come and speak to the students about their careers or about colleges and such. These amazing people do it free of charge, hoping to spark the light in the student’s future.


One difficult thing is the “Rotating of guest speakers. We try to get new people every time, or at least rotate them every few years, but it is difficult to find new people around the area. We just recently had three guest speakers last week come in and talk about their jobs as building inspectors. They did a small 30 minute presentation and the students were very interested,” stated Mrs. Cogdill. “There are a variety of speakers that come every time with different presentations. Some are informal, maybe students from Kennesaw State University that come and set up a booth, while others are formal.”


There are so many different types of careers out there, but us students tend to only see the more basic and well known jobs, such as Vet, Teacher, Doctor, or Engineer, limiting their possible future choices. There are so many other careers that one can pursue according to their passions. Living in the United States of America in the American Dream, we are exposed to an unlimited amount of opportunities. Colleges even give out scholarships to help students reach their dreams.


One of our Woodstock High School juniors, Hannah Keel, talked about her experience going to one of the week’s career cafes, saying, “It really helped broaden up my perspective of future opportunities and career choices. Being able to interact with other students who are just as confused as I am about my future is also really great.”


Students are the future, and Woodstock High School wishes the best for all of our students. In order to keep our students the best of the best, the staff try everything to support the students. These Career Cafes are just the beginning to helping the students. There are also many counselors and teachers that are available to help those who need guidance. Maybe one of these Woodstock Students will become our next US President or even the next Principal of this great school. Whatever happens, Woodstock High School is proud that they are able to lend a helping hand in the future of many students. Hopefully we can continue sending off the best of the best graduates into their grand future.

One of the previous speakers giving one on one wisdom

Photo Courtesy of: Cherokee County School District;


Many people gather around to listen to advice of those who come

Photo Courtesy of: Cherokee County School District;


Students intrigued with the story of this week’s speaker

Photo Courtesy of: Hannah Suh

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