Football Team Struggles, Sumner Makes Choice, Softball Playoff Run

Staff Writer: Corey Darko

Lead story: After losing their starting quarterback senior Dean Braxton to a torn ACL, the team is 1-2 since his injury. The offense has been stagnant only scoring a combined nine points in two games against Cherokee and Lassiter, while the defense accounted for three touchdowns in those two contests. However, the defense is still struggling to stop the run because of being on the field for too long.  Sitting at 3-5, their playoff dreams look all but over as Woodstock High School senior Myles Chambers stated, “Their playoff dreams really ended when Dean went down for the season.” In the team’s defense, they lost a lot of their best players last year and the team has a lot of inexperience as a result. This season always seemed like a rebuilding year to get the young players ready for next year. As result, that has resulted in a lot of inconsistency. So, while the football season has been slightly disappointing, the future is promising as Woodstock High School senior Will Reecer stated, “Next year the team should be much better since the younger plays will be further developed.”

student section

Students cheering on the football team as their Wolverines take on Lassiter.

Credit: Woodstock High School Athletics Twitter.

In Other News: Brynne Sumner finally made her college choice choosing Villanova on a track scholarship.  The decision was very tough as she got many offers from great schools such as Standford and Furman. Ultimately, Brynne felt the Villanova was the best fit for as she stated. “I’m so stoked to announce that I’ve committed to run track and cross country at Villanova University.” She talked about how excited she was to “be part of a program with so much history.” She went on to thank her family for their support throughout the process of her ultimately making her college decision. This was a good choice for Brynne. Although Standford stands out, Villanova was a good choice for her as it not only has a rich track program, but a rich sports program in general as they also have a Top 5 basketball team in the country. Congrats to Brynne Sumner as her hard work has paid off as she will be a second generation Villanova Wildcat next fall. The softball team ended the regular season at 16-8 with a good enough record to get to the playoffs. The team may have ended the regular season as they wished, but they have flashed dynamic offensive talent throughout the year. Woodstock High School senior Shahil Patel stated, “The softball team usually does better in the playoffs anyways.” They did come up short in the Sweet 16 of the playoffs though as they lost to Hillgrove in two close playoff games with the scores being 1-2 and 3-4. The volleyball team had a rough season with a 12-24 mark. This is definitely a step back from their 21-19 record last year, as expectations of improved progress sadly fell a bit short this year as Woodstock High School senior Antonio Brown stated, “This was a disappointing season considering how well they played last year.”


The softball team huddle up before their playoff game against Camden County.

Credit: Woodstock High School Athletics Twitter.
In Case You Missed It: After suffering a two-game losing streak, the football team bounced back with a 23-6 beating of the Lassiter Trojans. The defense got going early with a Pick 6 on the third play of the game by junior linebacker/safety Camden Vaughn. The defense forced three more interceptions in the game with senior linebacker Travis Bailey accounting for two of those and the last coming from sophomore safety David Daniel, which was also returned for a touchdown. The offense still had inconsistency as the team only passed for 73 yards as sophomore quarterback Walker Ormsby is still raw. However, they did rush for over 100 yards, which is essential to helping a young QB. This win built some good momentum for them going forward with upcoming games against Roswell and Walton.

Wolverine of the Month: Brynne Sumner is easily the Wolverine of the Month. She has a had a great season and committing to Villanova was always her destiny. Both her parents Brad and Tosha Sumner were All-Americans and national champions at Villanova in the early 1990s. That seems like a lot of pressure but if you ask Brynne she will tell you that her parents never put pressure on her to choose Nova and have been very supportive and the Villanova coaches apparently promised her they will never compare her to her parents. She is having a strong 2018 season as she has won three of her five races. Most recently, the Area 3 Region 4 Championship. With as well as Brynne has performed this season and pair that with her committing to a powerhouse like Nova, the decision for Wolverine of the Month was easy.


Brynne Competing in the Area 3 Region 4 Championship


Quotable: Woodstock High Senior and Villanova Commit Brynne Sumner’s full quote: “I’m so stoked to announce that I’ve committed to run track & cross country at Villanova University! Thank you so much to my friends and family for all of the support during this process!! I can’t wait to be a Wildcat!”


Brynne Smiling after winning the Area 7A XC

Credit: Woodstock High School Twitter

Looking Ahead: The football team travels to Roswell on Friday in a must win game or them out of the playoff picture completely.


Woodstock hoping their offensive improvement will carry over against lassiter.

Credit: Woodstock High School



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