Staff Writer: Sam Platko

Have you ever wondered what tap water straight from your sink is contaminated with or what it could possibly be doing to your body? Tap water, without filtering, has many different chemicals and metals that most people are unaware of. Some of them include chlorine, fluoride, aluminum, trihalomethane, arsenic, pesticides and more. Most of society think that chlorine in our water will help fight sickness and germs, but the reality is that chlorine in public waters can combine with organic materials to form chloramines, which cause cancer. I am going to show you the cheapest and healthiest way you can get water that has no harmful impurities in the water.


Tap water comes with all the metals that are in the pipes that it runs through. Photo Courtsey of: Creative Commons

The most efficient way, that nobody knows about, is to get your water through a Kangen Water Machine. Senior at Woodstock High School, Zac Piper said, “I don’t know what Kangen water is, but I always try to drink a high pH water when I get the chance.” The benefits of Kangen water can be compared to how bad bottled water, tap water, or even filtered water can be for us.

The machine was invented when Japanese scientist were looking through various mountains in the Himalayans to find water that is from a natural source. They found that natural water is alkalizing and a healing source. The scientists found a way to create a water ionizer which makes the water alkaline and electric and almost identical to the natural waters they found in mountain tops.


Kangen water is made to try and copy the natural healing water found in nature. Photo Courtsey of: Creative Commons

Supermarkets across the world are fooling people constantly when people think they are getting alkaline water or high pH water. Water is only alkaline when coming straight from natural sources or from a Kangen machine. Water is stripped of the electrons when it is removed from the source and water loses all electrons after being exposed to oxygen after 48 hours. That means that the bottled water that claims the alkaline label is false because water is three to six months old when it hits the shelf. The only way to get truly alkalizing water is through this machine, but most companies use baking soda to make it alkaline, which doesn’t work.

I’m telling you about this water because of how it can help you instead of harm you. Kangen water flushes out acidic waste and toxins. All bacteria and any disease thrive in an acidic environment. Kangen water helps with lots of diseases because it turns your body into alkaline, where the diseases cannot live. Alkalizing water is beneficial because your body is deeply hydrated at a cellular level. It returns the body to homeostasis, increases immunity and disease fighting ability.

When we drink this water, we are supporting our digestion and elimination. Promoting better sleep, more energy, and weight loss are all things it does for your body as well. All bottled water and tap water have are cons compared to Kangen waters overflowing amount of beneficial qualities. Most might argue that it does none of those things, but I would rather drink water that proves these things over one that has no argument towards a healthier life.

The water ionizer that turns the water electric and alkaline, is done with a process called electrolysis. This is the process of turning water electric and the electricity separates molecules leaving more antioxidants. Kangen water is anti-oxidizing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging. Who wouldn’t want to invest in water that makes your body healthier, make you look younger, and allows your joints and muscles to move pain free.

A baseball player of Woodstock High

School, Josiah Siegel, said, “As an athlete I wonder if my performance would improve with this water and help me with my recovery.”


Kangen water can help improve joint and muscle quality which can be helpful for athletes. Photo Courtsey of: Creative Commons

It is better to drink a water that has benefits because the brain is roughly 75 percent water and our body is 72 percent water. The best way to remove metabolic waste from the brain is with hydrating first thing in the day.


water 2

Water at first rise and before you sleep are important times to drink. Photo Courtsey of: Creative Commons

Rebecca Platko, nurse at local North Cherokee Hospital, said, “Water is the most important asset to your health and you should drink plenty of water throughout the day and at specific times like first thing in the morning, during exercise, and before bed.”

A Kangen Water Machine is also seen as better than bottled water because of how easy it is to acquire water when needed. You plug the machine in the wall and connect it to your sink for high pH water all the time. Most machines have different settings of pH for different uses of water, but the most used is drinking water.

The annual water cost of a Kangen Water Machine is $417.79 with a 15-year total cost of $6,266.90. The annual water cost of water if you buy Dasani is $1,379.70 and the total 15-year total cost of $20,695.50. Most people look away from this machine because of the retail price which averages from $3,900- $8,000, but over time it will be thousands of dollars less than bottled water.

Mrs. Hawter, a math teacher at Woodstock High School, said, “I have never heard of this machine or this water, but it would definitely be better to save money over multiple years.”

water 3

Bottled water is already aged and have no alkalinity once it hits the shelves. Photo Courtsey of: Creative Commons

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