A Day Dedicated to Fun!

Section writer: Hannah Suh

Once a year Woodstock High School holds a event for a very amazing group of students. These students work hard everyday, and to kick off the new year, teachers and student helpers come together to organize this special event. Held at River Ridge High School, Woodstock’s Special Olympics take place!

On October 5, our Woodstock High School students spent a fun filled four hours battling and working together in a series of events such as Frisbee, football, Olympic torch run, face paint, hair spray, running events, and so much more! These fun events are thought of and set up by the various teachers, such as Mr. Bailey, Mrs.Wood, and Mrs.Hiel who all help organize this amazing event. Due to the large amount of students we have participating in this event, there are student helpers from Friends Club who help one person the whole day and go do all the events with them. They are always by their partners side and accommodating to them.

The whole day starts off with the sending off of the students at Woodstock High School. This special send off consists of all of the students lining the walls with cheers and signs, giving all of their support to their fellow wolverines. Some of our previous student helpers stated how, “The walk is one of the best parts! It makes the kids feel extra special and it’s super cool that everyone makes signs and cheers them on! That to me was one of the best parts of the whole day, because the sweet girl I was helping absolutely loved doing the walk! She was waving, screaming, and laughing! It made my whole day!” Ashlyn Welsh, a senior. Gabe Sareen, a junior, stated how ,”I feel like it gets the kids excited for their fun day ahead, and makes them feel appreciated as they have the whole school behind their backs.”

This day is made to reward students for all of their hard work in school and to encourage them to keep up the good work! Gabe Sareen, a Junior, stated how “It allows them to have a fun day and is a great opportunity for them to meet kids from other schools and just to have a fun and social day.” Once a year, students get a whole day dedicated to them having fun, relaxing, socializing, and being able to show their great athletic skills! What a great way to honor these students!

When asking students what makes this whole day special, they stated that, “I think the kids make this super special! They get to be olympians and have bunches of fun!”, Ashlyn Welsh. Averie McDaniel, a junior, tells how, “The fact that there’s so many events for the kids to enjoy is awesome and makes the event special! Helpers join the fun too! We played games and enjoyed watching the students play as well! Everyone makes new friends and forms special bonds with each other.”

While the students that were involved in the events had an amazing time, the helpers seem to also have a blast. To encourage others to join, the students gave responses saying, “One of my favorite memories was learning sign on the bus to one of the kids favorite song! We were signing and singing as loud as we could ! We also got our hair sprayed and that was super cool, because we had matching hair! This day was one of the best days of my whole entire life, and I will always hold that dear in my heart! Our biggest goal was making their day special, and I’m glad i got to be a part of such a special day!” – Ashlyn Welsh. “It feels great to feel a part of an event that’s so special and you get to make new friends and watch all of the students get excited. It’s a lot of fun and a great experience!” -Averie McDaniel. “It feels great to see them having fun and it makes you feel great for them to have fun with you. It is a great opportunity and it brought me joy and I believe that it would bring others as well.” -Gabe Sareen.

Hopefully this article has encouraged you to join next year in helping with the Special Olympics! It truly is such an incredible opportunity to take a part of, fostering opportunities for other students to have the time of their lives. Even just helping with the send off, giving your wholesome support by either cheering or making signs, would make a huge difference! There are many teachers available to contact in order to join next year, such as the ones stated who helped organize this event, so if you are interested in joining friends club next year, don’t hesitate! Every helping hand and heart are greatly appreciated!


Last year’s Special Olympics Event

Photo courtesy of: Averie McDaniel obtained by Hannah Suh


This year’s Special Olympics event!

Photo Courtesy of: Ashlyn Welsh obtained by Hannah Suh

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