Panic! At the Disco and Why They Have Such High Hopes

Staff Writer: Jay Terry

Panic! At the Disco is Brendon Urie. Brandon Urie is Panic! At the Disco. He is the lead vocalist. He makes all his own music and makes his own song lyrics. He plays guitar, bass guitar, piano, keyboard and drums. The world has watched him grow up from a boy to a man in the matter of a few years. His career did have a few ups and downs, but he pulled through to become the well-known star that he is now. He is such a star that he has been on several tours and has been nominated or won many awards. Urie is soon to go on tour. 

In the winter of 2019 he is to start his Pray for the Wicked Tour. This is a massive production, going to almost all the states and to most of the European countries.  

pic 1

This is an advertisement for the Pray For the Wicked Tour coming in 2019. Photo cortesy of: Google

Unfortunately, Urie will not be coming to Georgia, but he will be going to other states that are near here. For example, he will be going to Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday January 22. He will be playing at the Spectrum Center. He will also be going to the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday January 25 and the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee on Wednesday February 6. For more information about concerts and tickets go to his official website at 

Some of his previous tours and albums were when he was in a band. This band made up the early Panic! At the Disco. In 2004, the lead vocalist, Brendon Urie teamed up with some of his childhood friends fresh out of high school. Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, and Brent Wilson released their first album called A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out in 2005.  

After this album they released their first album’s single. Everyone has heard this song. People would not stop playing it. The song is called “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”.

pic 4

This was Panic! At the Disco in 2012. Photo courtesy of: Google

Because this song was so popular, it caused their album to hit double platinum in the United States. Being that they were from Las Vegas, Nevada their music was quite unexpected. They came out during the time that NSYNC was popular. The band’s music was liked and loved by many people. 

The album was liked so much that eventually they were signed by the record label Fueled by Ramen. After the band was signed, they released a second album called Pretty Odd. in 2008. The sound of this album was significantly different than the sound of their freshman album. After, they came out saying that they were influenced by bands like The Beatles, The Zombies, and The Beach Boys. Following their inspirations, Wikipedia describes them as emo-pop, pop rock, pop punk, and alternative rock. 

After hitting it big, Ross and Wilson left the band. In doing so, they created their own band called The Young Veins. After, Smith left the band, also. Later, Urie found some new band mates to replace the ones that left. Drummer Dan Pawlovich, lead guitarist Mike Naran and bassist Nicole Row were the new band members. 

pic 3

This is Brendon Urie after he came out as a solo artist. Photo courtesy of: Google

In 2011 they released an album called Vices and Virtues. Then, later releasing their fourth album, Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die in 2015, caused controversy for the band. People thought the album promoted self-harm and caused people to think that just because they are weird, they did not deserve to live. Panic! at the Disco mad it very clear what their intentions were by choosing the album’s name. They wanted to show that being different is okay. They also said that they wanted to show their audience that being weird is being rare. They wanted to help people with mental illness or people that struggle with self-harm that it is okay to be weird. 

After the controversy, Brendon Urie decided to become a solo act. In 2015, he left the band and pursued his solo career. After leaving the band, he released his first album as a solo artist. The album was called Death of a Bachelor.

pic 2

This is an advertisement for the Death of a Bachelor Tour in 2017. Photo courtesy of: Google 

He released this album in 2016, still calling himself Panic! At the Disco. He then went on tour for this album in 2017. In 2016, he won Best Music Video for his single Emperor’s new Clothes which was released in 2015. He won this award at the Alternative Press Music Awards. He also won song of the year for his other single that year called Hallelujah. This year he was nominated for Favorite Artist in the alternative rock category for the American Music Awards. He won this award. 

Brendon Urie has grown up in front of our eyes. When he was first introduced to the world, he was fresh out of high school. Urie was playing with some of his childhood friends when his career took off. Everyone thought that Panic! At the Disco was a one hit wonder. He crushed those thoughts when he came out with the album Pretty Odd. He changed his sound and his band. After this he made and extremely manly decision to go solo. This decision would not only change his career, but it would also change his life for the better. Therefore, people love Panic! At the Disco. They are inspired by him. They realize that he has been through a lot in his career. They know that even though he has had his ups and downs, He still got back up. He still came through bigger and better than ever. Like he said, “Had to have high, high hopes for a living.” 

pic 5

This is a picture taken by the record label Fueled by Ramen. Photo courtesy of: Google

After listening to the song “High Hopes” on his latest album, Pray For the Wicked, this is what some of your high school classmates had to say about it: 

“High Hopes is such a good song! The beats put me in such a good mood and it really hypes me up!”-Connor Gray (10th grade) 

“High Hopes is a really challenging song to sing because all the high notes. All the different notes add a wonderful sound and beat to the song. I really love High Hopes.” – Brooklyn Kennedy (10th Grade) 

“Brendon Urie is a living queen.” – Skye Farrior (10th Grade) 

“I Write Sins Not Tragedies was the goth anthem of middle school. But how they’re being censored and accused of ‘slut-shaming’ ten years later- so Panic! At the Disco should be panicking.” 

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