It’s Spooky Season

Staff Writer: Jordan Van Dyke

It is spooky season

Halloween is on October 31st, which is the last day of the Celtic calendar. Halloween was originally a pagan holiday that honors the dead. I went around Woodstock and asked a hand full of students 3 Halloween based questions!imagesJAYTI5GN

1)What is the best thing you have dressed up for Halloween?

Caleb Hernandez (Junior): Honestly, a dead guy. I had fake blood all over me.

Brooke Schoonmaker (Senior): The best thing I’ve dressed up on Halloween was a zombie surgeon.

Sierra Ngkonchin (Junior): I was a Twix bar one Halloween. it was a dress with the gold wrapper color and logo.

Preston Brackett (Senior): Probably a ninja when I was 7, at the time for me it was so much fun and messing around thinking I was the quietest and best 7-year-old ninja around.h1

Ale Cruz (Senior): I’ve never really gone trick or treating so probably best thing I’ve dressed up as was a dead vampire bride when I was 10. I was literally just in a bride’s gown and veil w white foundation & fake blood all over me and vamp teeth.

Makayla Scereo (Junior): I would say Sally from Nightmare before Christmas.

Megan Bonat (Freshmen): Probably an M&M.

Arianna Carrizales (Freshmen): The best thing I’ve ever dressed up for Halloween was thing 2 from cat in the hat. I wore pink tails, a red shirt with the words “Thing 2” and some cat in the hat pajama pants.

Alex Camacho (Senior): The best thing I have dressed up as was probably a zombie.

2)What is the creepiest thing that has ever happened to you were alone? Explain.

Hernandez: I saw a spirit lead me to my mom’s room, it looked like my sister, freaked me out, and then walked right through my mom’s door

Schoonmaker: The creepiest thing that has ever happened to me when I was alone and there was someone following my friends and I when we were trick or treating. We went to a random house and went into the back yard to see if he was following us, which he wasn’t. h2

Ngkonchin: One day I thought my sister was home because I kept hearing noises in the basement and that is where she stays. But, she came home and told me that she wasn’t there all day.

Brackett: When I was 12 years old I was home alone because my brothers were out of town and my parents were at a friend’s and they had ordered me food and I didn’t know. However, being 12 and already freaked out being by myself I didn’t know who was at the door, as I looked through it was an old dude who looked like he should have been Freddy.

Cruz: Creepiest thing to ever happen to me when I was alone was probably that I thought I was being haunted lol,, it was like three in the morning & I swore I heard someone downstairs and other noises like footsteps (I actually called my best friend for an hour just in case it was an intruder) so I closed my bedroom door but when I started to go to sleep my door opened itself all the way to where I was looking into the pitch black hallway from my bed.

Scereo: it was storming, and the lights went out in my house, so my dogs were freaking out

Bonat: My closet door opens by itself every night so I put a bell on it so when it opens I wake up or, so I can hear it and one night I was doing homework in my room and the bell started swinging back and forth by itself. I stopped experiencing this after I put a cross on my closet door.

Carrizales: One the creepiest thing that has ever happened to me alone, was when I at home and I thought I was by myself and one of the cars in the drive way started to go off. After, something or someone opened in the back door in the kitchen and it was late at night, so I thought it was a person trying to distract us to rob us but saw me, so he/she closed the door really quick. That scared the hell out of me and called my mom, I saw that my older brother was at home and I ask him if that was him but at first, he said no and then when I asked him when it was, and he remembered and said it was him.

Camacho: I was walking alone at night and I saw a dude with a scream costume on and he came at me slowly and I kind of freaked, turned out to be my friend messing with me

3) If you got trapped in one scary movie, which would you choose and why?

Hernandez: I would probably choose scream, it is one of my favorite horror movies, not to mention it completely changed the way horror movies were made after. Also, as long as I don’t go to any parties I’m safe

Schoonmaker: If I got trapped in a scary movie it would be insidious because being able to go into “another world” would lowkey be coolh4

Ngkonchin: I would choose scary movie 5 and be the smart one who runs away and actually lives throughout the movie.

Brackett: I would probably want to get trapped in The Shining mostly because to me it was an actual scary movie when I was growing up and it was one of the best/worst horror movies I watched

Cruz: If I were to be trapped in a scary movie the one that I would pick would be Scream because it’s a situation I could possibly control myself. Scream is just some murderous person(s) behind a mask & I can get away and protect myself. Because any other movie that involves demons or supernatural doesn’t seem like a situation that I could stop anything from happening to myself.

Scereo: I would choose Chuckie because I could totally take down that doll.untitled

Bonat: The Babadook because at the end of the movie I want to see what was actually hiding in the dark and how they live everyday life with a demon in the basement.

Carrizales: I would pick Open House because it is about a mom and son going to a new house after he’s father died and wanted to get away from the city. But weird things start happening. If I was there I would be a whole detective, and when the creepy guy comes out and tries to hit me I’m going to have a pan ready and head his head really hard. Because he deserves it. 🙂

Camacho: I would choose, wait none I wouldn’t want to be trapped in one, but it would be alien cause its outer space, and you get to fight aliens and shoot them.


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