Falling in Love with Love/Sick

Section writer: Hannah Suh

The phenomenal cast and crew of our very own Drama Club spent roughly two months preparing for Love/Sick, a play presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc, New York. Nov. 8-10, these lovely students brought Love/Sick to life through their brilliant acting and settings. If you were not able to watch any of the night’s showcases, do not worry, for this article will recap the amazing show for you.

This showcase consisted of eight acts: “Man and Woman are Obsessive Impulsive”, “Louise and STM are Well Singing Telegram Man”,”Ben and Andy are What”, “Celia and Keith are the Answer”, “Sarah and Bill are Uh-oh”, “Jill and Kevin are Forgot”, “Liz and Abbie are Where Was I”, and “Jake and Emily are Destiny”. All of these acts are different stories of love scenarios, showing the bright happy sides of love along with the dark, sad sides.


The amazing actors behind the characters

Photo courtesy of: Izzy Wheaton ; Obtained by: Hannah Suh

“Man and Woman are Obsessive Impulsive” was played by Mason Nix and Heather Adams. These two characters meet at a grocery store where they both fall in love at first sight, realizing that they both have the same Obsessive Impulsive disorder. The start of this act shocked and humored the audience with the sudden kiss scene and synchronization of lines, while the ending had everyone astounded and wanting more for these two character’s love story.

“Louise and STM are Well Singing Telegram Man” was played by Riley Briggs and Ejaaz Njeru. This scene started with a sudden knock on the door, with bad news hidden under a fun, sweet messenger on the other side. As the character, Louise, goes on and on blindly about how great her boyfriend is, setting all of this up for her, the Singing Telegram Man begins to realize that maybe it was not best to give her the news of her boyfriend’s desire to split up. This comical scene ends with a more serious tone as the Singing Telegram Man finally exposes the truth to Louise.

“Ben and Andy are What” was played by Rush Meany and Will Skeens. As Ben approached the door to Andy’s house, he expresses a mix of excitement, anxiety, and hints of boldness as he hesitates to initiate this interaction. When Andy opens the door, he is confused to see his boyfriend standing there, waiting to tell him the words he has been wanting to say for a while. The words “I love you” slip out from Ben, putting Andy into a state of shock, disabling him from hearing this phrase. As Ben repeats this phrase in a sweet, comical way, he begins to feel frustrated, not understanding why Andy is not replying. As Ben and the audience find out about how Andy, when put under pressure falls into interesting states, the sincerity of Ben makes Andy and the audience’s heart flutter.

“Celia and Keith are the Answer” was played by Emily Hailstone and Benja Petty. This scene goes back and forth between bride and groom, questioning their assurance in this relationship. As Keith got cold feet standing at the altar, he runs into the bathroom to hide. Celia, approaching him, finds out that he is not ready for this commitment. As she convinces him to go through with it, she figures out that she herself is not willing to commit to this lifelong binding to Keith. This point of the play shifts the mood, showing a more intense and darker side to love.

“Sarah and Bill are Uh-oh” was played by Jill Turner and Chandler Champion. Sitting on the couch, both doing their own thing on their devices, the couple lacks interaction. Sarah, noticing this lack of fun decides to change things. She begins talking about this article that states how some couples get so bored that they end up killing the other. This gives an uneasy feeling to Bill as he just wants to get back to watching his show. The sudden plot twist occurs when Sarah pulls out a gun, pointing it at Bill. To ease his terror, she shoots him with water, revealing this to be all made up due to her boredom. Realizing that she is bored with their relationship, Bill takes offense, wondering where things went wrong.

“Jill and Kevin are Forgot” was played by Izzy Wheaton and Benja Petty. This scene is the realization that both sides of this couple want different things. The candles on Jill’s birthday cake show her this realization as she discovers that they are past their set date for trying to have a family. Kevin, not wanting this family in which Jill imagines tries to brush it off, but Jill becomes angry that they both just forgot about what they wanted with this relationship. The serious tone of this play takes another leap, raising the bar.

“Liz and Abbie are Where was I” was played by Ella Adams and Maleri Carroll. As Abbie goes around the garage frantically looking for something she feels is lost, she realizes she is looking for herself. Under the everyday pressures of parenting while Liz is at work, she makes no time for herself, losing a part of herself. As they argue over how they both have lost themselves due to not having the support of one another, they say things that leave them on an apologetic note.

“Jake and Emily are Destiny” was played by Will Skeens and Emma Hershberger. It mirrors the first scene in a way in order to reveal the whole game changing factor that all of these stories connected into one relationship. The characters reminisce in the past coming together with a kiss, but soon realize that it was in the past for a reason. They ponder about why being alone is not called destiny and why destiny is always classified by ending up together in a well relationship. This scene wraps up the play, leaving the whole audience in awe of this well put together play.

Going into the play, it was not expected to have such a serious turn and deep meaning. Most of the audience expected a romantic comedy, which they got to see some of, but also was able to see such an amazing story unfold. Of course, to bring back the comedy aspect of the play and not to leave on a sad note, there was a scene added where the two characters from the first scene meet again and impulsively end up coming together with a kiss.

The silly and serious cast and crew

Photo courtesy of: Hannah Keel ; Obtained by: Hannah Suh

This play took a lot of preparation, beginning with the assigning of roles in August. Izzy Wheaton, a junior, stated how, “I was really excited with the role I got as it was one of my top choices and I was excited to build my character. I played a character named Jill who was telling her husband that she wanted kids, years into their relationship. Every night, I would run my lines and figure out new ways to do my scene. We had rehearsals many times a week and they were very enjoyable.”


Izzy Wheaton and Benja Petty in the “Jill and Kevin are Forgot” scene

While roles were being assigned, they also assigned the jobs of the crew. One of the crew members, Hannah Keel, a junior, told me how, “I was part of props crew and stage crew. I love both of them so much. It was really fun to do multiple things and I was so excited to help out backstage.” The Crew did an amazing job making sure that the audience could hear and see everything, setting the mood with lights and props.


List of the behind the scenes crew and boosters

Photo courtesy of: Logan Haines ; Obtained by: Hannah Suh

While the cast and crew worked very hard to bring everything to life, Lauren LaRicci, Director, and Sawyer Henderson, Assistant Director, played a big role. Izzy Wheaton stated how, “They did everything they could to prepare us for the shows and they did an incredible job. Many parents also volunteered long hours to feed us when we stayed long hours at the school and we are so thankful.”

This play was truly amazing, showing so many sides to our students, exposing their many talents as they did a great job playing each and every role and operating the technical aspects. Hannah Keel talked about how , “I loved the humanity of the characters. I loved that they were flawed and dynamic and each had their own struggles and things they were dealing with. The actors brought such light and depth to the characters, they each had little quirks they added to the characters which made it super cool.” If you did not have the opportunity to witness this play, do not be too sad for there are more plays in the foreseeable future. Izzy Wheaton told me that, “Our spring show is going to be ‘You Can’t Take it With you’ and it’ll be during April!” Be sure to all come to the spring show and support our fellow Wolverines!

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