Is Your Third Eye Real?

Staff Writer: Sam Platko

Tons of people are unaware that you can unlock access to a higher consciousness for yourself. Hard to believe, but we all have something in our brain that ancient traditions have found to prove true. In certain spiritual traditions the third eye is a part of a chakra. Chakras are your seven focal points in the subtle body and are all balanced due to ancient practices of meditation, yoga and a practice known as Tantra.


The ajna chakra is categorized by blue and is located at the brain. Photo Courtesy: Creative Commons

The ajna chakra, also called the brow chakra, is located in the middle of your forehead. The reason being is because this chakra focuses on your brain. It signifies the subconscious mind which is 95 percent of our brain activity.

Georgia University freshman, Patrick Ballance said, “I’ve always believed in balancing your chakras and giving out positive energy to others. It really is true when you what goes around comes around.”

Theosophist H.P. Blavatsky and his team of workers discovered that the third eye is your pineal gland, which resides between the two hemispheres of the brain, where the thalamus is connected. It had been discovered that your pineal gland works with spiritual and physical functions throughout the body.

The pineal gland is responsible for the production of three main hormones in your body. The first hormone is DMT which stands for dimethyltryptamine and is excreted in large quantities at the moment of birth and death. Some say this what causes your life to flash before yours when you die due to your brain activity still going on for up to seven minutes after death. DMT is also what allows us to have dreams and is one of the strongest psychedelic drugs to be discovered.

Nurse at Grady Hospital Stacy Lindsey said, “Your pineal gland operates as one of the most or the most important gland in your body.”

Also located in the pineal gland is serotonin, which is the hormone that causes you to feel happy and a sense of comfort. The last hormone is melatonin, which is what makes us fall asleep. Melatonin is the top hormone in our body for sleep. In short, the pineal gland produces melatonin for the thalamus to shut down for us to sleep, produces the dreams we have during our sleep, and then produces serotonin at first wake to realign the thalamus. These neurochemicals tend to activate perceptions, images and visions.


This is the structure of DMT, which plays a huge part in our body. Photo Courtesy: Creative Commons

There is a point of balance in the pineal which allows the conscious mind to experience none or all the states of waking, dreaming and sleeping. The pineal gland can be compared to a switch which allows us to experience various states of consciousness, including all and none of these three major states. The experience of the gap between states of consciousness is known as transcending the activity of the mind. It is a state of deep mental rest and has the corresponding measurable effect of rest on the body. Pure consciousness, experienced in the gap between the states of waking, dreaming and sleeping consciousness, takes on the quality of awareness when present in ajna chakra. Therefore, most of the senses of perception are also located in this part of the body.

Opening your third eye in New Age spirituality is known as a state of enlightenment in which you have a higher consciousness, clairvoyance, the ability to see chakras and auras, out-of-body experiences, and see the electromagnetic spectrum. As humans, we see, and we hear less than one percent of the electromagnetic spectrum. Opening your third eye allows you to tap into the other 99 percent of that.


People that are interested in this topic know the ways to open your third eye. One way that is popular is to do the seven-day vegan challenge. Eating only fruits, vegetables, nuts and staying away from all meats and dairy products. Everyone that drinks tap water, which contains fluoride, cannot unlock any of this because they’re pineal gland is calcified. To decalcify your pineal gland, you must avoid consumption and the touching of anything with fluoride. You must filter your water, showers, sinks and your toothpaste and any other products must be fluoride-free. Senior at Woodstock High School, Mitchell Wright said, “I love working out and eating healthy so that part would be easy, but no fluoride is difficult.”


A way that helps your chakras become balanced is through meditation and meditation while listening to certain meditation music like the sounds of nature. Everything in the universe has its own frequencies and your brain operates on its own frequency and listening to music at a certain Hertz can allow your brain to operate at a higher level. That allows you to have better memory and clearer thoughts. Senior at Woodstock, Skyler Rosser, said, “My mom does meditation just to relieve stress, but I would never have the patience.”



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