The Problem With the Second Amendment

Staff Writer: Arie Mitchell 

Compared to the rest of the world, America loses most of its citizens at the hands of a psychotic man with a gun in his hands. Statistics show that 64 percent of deaths in 2016 were result of a gun according to AP News. No other country in the world has had this problem, and every other country has stricter gun laws than America. It’s crazy how that works isn’t it? 

Zoe Chapin, a Woodstock High School senior, states how she feels about that statistic, “I don’t know. It’s not good, obviously. We need to change how we approach situations that involve guns. Restrictions should be placed on who is and is not able to buy a gun.” 

It is well-known that America was built upon the use of guns. From the commandeering of this land from the Natives to the kidnapping of slaves, guns were there. These machines of mass destruction are even included in the Constitution! People, who most likely have not lost a loved one in a tragic accident, are fighting for these guns to still be as available to the mentally unstable.  


Guns are the most used weapon in the U.S. Photo Courtesy of

Stricter gun laws are what is needed to help push this country in a different direction. Opposers of this thought say that these will not help. They assume if a person wants the gun, they will find a way to get hold of one. While this may be true, would it not be better to give the person a harder time getting their hands onto one?  

When prompted by the question of whether they would support stricter gun laws, Myasia Kendrick, a Woodstock High School senior, “Yes, I strongly support stricter guns laws because not every person needs to be able to walk in a local store and purchase a firearm.”  

In Japan, gun violence is almost at zero. The steps taken to be allowed to carry a firearm are so tedious that you must take classes and achieve a certain score to be eligible for ownership. You also must go through a psychological evaluation. Even after all of this you are only eligible for to obtain certain guns, meaning you have to work your way up to the big stuff.  

2nd amendment

Gun control will help save the lives of many in America Photo Courtesy of Healthline.

Some people say that if we allow stricter gun laws, it would violate the Second Amendment. It is unclear whether the people who think this believe guns will be stripped of them completely. In reality, the Second Amendment would still hold the same value as it did before. Just like in Japan, guns will still be present, however the number of deaths caused by them could be alleviated.  

“I don’t think the question is does it violate the Second Amendment, I think the real question is: ‘Does the citizen violate their right to bear arms?’ As a citizen, we are privileged to have the rights that we do, so if (as a citizen) we ourselves violate our own rights by for example causing a domestic disturbance in public places with weapons we have the right to bear, then personal actions have nothing to do with what the constitution states,” Kendrick continues.  

Marion Dodge, a local resident who has grown up with guns says, “Yes it would violate the Second Amendment. If we get stricter laws, it will infringe on the innocent people who are stable enough to have the guns. And if we get stricter laws will they also apply to military grade weapons? Because when people shoot public places, they aren’t using a regular shotgun. They are using sniper rifles and other guns regulars shouldn’t be able to get their hands on.”  

school shootings

There has been an average of one school shooting a week this year alone. Photo courtesy of Everytowneresearch.

 Children who are able to get ahold of guns in the household are a problem as well. Many cases have been reported about children sneaking their parents’ firearms and have ended up hurting themselves or someone else. Video games also play a role in the compulsion of children wanting access to these weapons. Studies show that there is a link between violent video games and aggression in children.  

Researchers have conducted studies that video games increase precursors to violent behavior and arose the question if video games should be regulated as well for children under 18. “Some parents don’t follow the precautions given by the video game producers. For example, 6-year-olds shouldn’t be playing games like Fortnite and GTA,” says Candice Kendrick, mother of two. She continues to say that kids have a lack a fear until the age of 10, therefore causing them to be heinous and more susceptible to poor behavior.  


video games

Video games can have such a negative effect on children that it can make them more aggressive. Photo Courtesy of Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center

Dr. Cheryl Olson claims that video games although violent, are distinguishable from real life, however she does say that they could lead to precursors to violent behavior such as bullying. She thinks they have an indirect effect on the child.  


People have taken to the streets to protest gun violence. Photo courtesy of Socialwork blog .org

America claims to be the best country in the world. America has so much pride in itself. Yet, when it comes to the safety of their own citizens, they seem to have no care towards them. As guns continue to take the life of the innocent, the guilty will continue to lurk in the shadows. How can one be the best when they can’t even confront these problems logically, and save the lives of their own people? 


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