What is Elves Club

Staff writer: Selene Gomez

The Woodstock High School Elves Club is a club that raises money each year to take elementary school students Christmas shopping and throw a holiday party for them in December.    

They raise money for students that are in Woodstock Elementary and Caramel Elementary and buy them clothes and gifts for the holidays. Every year after shopping the Elves Club hosts a Christmas party for the children where they receive their present and make fun crafts. 


Elves Club members came up with the design


   Elves Club members will receive a T-shirt

The Elves Club has three important members which serve to help keep the club running smoothly. The first is the President of the club, Maleri Carroll, the second is the Vice President, Tiffani Hitchcock and the third is Ashley Garcia the Secretary. 

Maleri Carroll junior says, “I originally joined because I had nothing else to do and when I heard about it I thought it was a great thing to be do, this is now my third year in the club I am the President, so I have to organize a bunch of crafts, and handle the remind and make sure everything is on track. My favorite part about Elves Club is definitely the Christmas Party, when you see all the little kids faces light up after they open their presents and they’re super excited that they get to see Santa and have a bunch of fun and eat all the snacks.” 

Ashley Garcia, Secretary of Elves Club, says, “This is my first year in Elves Club and I’m excited for what this Christmas holds for the club. As secretary my job is to take notes during the meetings and make sure to take notes of important dates. I decided to join Elves Club because I love helping the community and I enjoy putting a smile on peoples faces. I also believe that every child should enjoy a great Christmas in whatever circumstance they are in. I love Elves Club because it spreads Christmas joy through giving and gives every child a great example through these actions.” 


The elves club hosts a fundraiser called Pennies for Presents, which is a way to raise money for the club in all first period classes.  At the beginning of the week, Nov.12, a bucket is provided to all first period classes where students and teachers can insert not just pennies but any sort of coin or cash to raise money. The first period class that raises the most money overall at the end of the second week Nov. 30, is rewarded with a “Delicious, home-cooked breakfast the week before finals,” Courtney Hoofnagle – literature teacher. 

At the end of the first week the top three classes with the most money was Mrs. Beaton


Friday Nov. 30 is the last day for Pennies for Presents

with $31.19, Mr. Wagner with $35.96, and Mr. Epperson in the lead with $65.38. There is one week left, money will be collected again Wednesday Nov. 28 and Friday Nov.30.

On Dec. 12, the members of the elves club will be cooking breakfast for the homeroom that won the Pennies for Presents fundraiser. 




Puravida Bracelets will be sold during all lunches starting Monday Dec. 2

The Puravida Bracelet fundraiser will begin in December. The elves club members will sell them for $5 during all lunches. They will have Christmas colors like red and green on the strings and proceeds will go toward buying the kids presents


All the funds will go toward buying presents for students in Elementary school on Saturday Dec. 8, members from the Elves Club will meet at Walmart that day and be assigned a kid to shop for. After buying gifts they will load them into cars and bring them back to Woodstock High school and wrap them. 

Thursday, Dec. 20, the Elves club will throw a party for the students and there they will have fun crafts and treats from 1-3:30 in the Media Center

group picture

Elves Club Christmas party 2017-2018


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