Born… Again ?

Staff Writer: Arie Mitchell

Reincarnation is the philosophical or religious concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, can begin a new life in a new body. It is of the Hindu religion, however many people around the world believe in it. “Reincarnation is not an exclusively Hindu or Buddhist concept, but it is a part of the history of human origin.” says Dalai Lama, who is a spiritual leader of the Tibetan people.  


Dalai Lama is a title given to spiritual leaders of the Tibetan people. He represents unification. Photo Courtesy of:

There have been reports of many instances where as soon as children can talk, they tell their parents about their past lives. These children are seemingly able to remember situations that they have never been educated on. 


In Hinduism, reincarnation plays a big part about how they interpret the afterlife. Photo courtesy of:

In one story, a 3-year-old boy was born with a red birthmark across his forehead. Once he was old enough, he told his parents all he could remember and took them to where he used to live. The boy claimed that he had been killed with a blow to the head with an axe. He showed the elders of the village and his parents where his old home once was when they arrived. He also showed the village elders where his body was buried, where the murder weapon was buried, and even the man who did it.  

At first, the man who was accused denied all of the accusations made against him. However, once all evidence proved otherwise, he confessed. 


Children are more likely to recall memories of their past lives. Photo Courtesy of:

Chalunda Hampton, a local Woodstock resident, says she does not believe in reincarnation. She also disagrees with the common belief of birthmarks being a scar left behind from the murder of one’s past life. 

Another reported case of reincarnation is when a little Burmese girl named Ma Tin Aung Myo, who claimed to be the reincarnation of a Japanese soldier who died in World War ll. From a very young age, the girl would begin to cry when a plane flew overhead and say she wanted to go home. As she became older, her definition of home became more specific to the country of Japan. She was asked to explain why she wanted to go to Japan and she claimed to have memories there of being a soldier based in Na-Thul. 


Ma Tin Aung Mya when she was younger. She was dressed in Japanese clothing. Photo Courtesy of:

She remembered that she had gotten killed by a machine gun in an aircraft, which explains why she feared planes so much. 

Tianna Ruffin, a sophomore and fellow Wolverine, “I do not know. Yes? It’s weird.”, says the confused teen when asked if she believes in reincarnation. Although she is not sure where she stands on the topic of if reincarnation is real or not, she does seem to have full confidence that birthmarks do not represent how one died in their previous life. “No.” 

Ian Stevenson is a psychiatrist that was the founder and director of the University of Virginia School of Medicine, which investigates the paranormal. Stevenson was mostly known for his studies with reincarnation. He spent years of his life investigating and interviewing children who claimed to have lived in the past. 


Ian Stevenson at the University. He is looked at as one of the most important people to contribute to the study of reincarnation. Photo Courtesy of:


One quote by Ian Stevenson says, “The most promising evidence bearing reincarnation seems to come from the spontaneous cases, especially among children.”. Majority of reincarnation cases are reported to have come from children. They seem to have a better memory when they speak of their past lives. On the other hand, as they get older these memories start to fade by the age of 8. 

There have also been cases in which a child passed away at an early age, only to be reborn again as the parents’ next child. This indeed was the case for Patrick Christenson and his older brother Kevin. Kevin developed a severe cancer that cause several tumors to grow on him, he walked with a limp, and he lost sight in one of his eyes. Due to his chemotherapy treatments, he had scars on his neck and a nodule above his right ear. A short period after his second birthday, he passed away. 

A few years later, Patrick was born. He was born with a birthmark that appeared to be a small cut on his neck that just so happened to be in the same place Kevin’s chemo scar. Patrick also walked with a noticeable limp in his early stages of walking, and he also began to lose sight in his left eye, like Kevin. 

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