Patrick Mahomes Is The MVP And Its Not Very Close

Staff Writer: Corey Darko

If there was any hope for other MVP candidates to catch Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes for MVP frontrunner, he just about wrapped up the award with his performance Sunday. The Ravens had the number 1 scoring defense, and Patrick Mahomes was able to throw for 377 yards and 2 touchdowns while making many special throws. His “no-look” pass and cross-body throw on the run on a crucial 4th and 9 passes were 2 of his MVP moments against the ravens. Woodstock High School senior Brent Melton even went as far to state, “Patrick Mahomes might be the most talented quarterback in NFL history.” Here are the 3 biggest reasons why Patrick Mahomes is running away with the MVP.

No look

Patrick Mahomes throws a ridiculous no look pass vs Baltimore Ravens

Credit: Photo Courtesy of Tiger

  1. No loss the Chiefs have had this year was mainly his fault. The only losses Kansas City has had were against the Patriots and the Rams. Not only are the Patriots and Rams two of the best teams in the NFL, but both of those games were on the road in games they lost by a combined 6 points. Also, in their losses the chiefs also averaged a combined 45.5 points in both of those games and Patrick Mahomes threw for a combined 10 touchdowns and 830 yards. He did have 7 turnovers in those games but in his defense his offensive line was underwhelming in both games and his defense gave over 40 points in two losses, hard to overcome that on the road and Mahomes nearly almost did it twice. While other MVP candidates like Drew Brees had an underwhelming game vs the cowboys, only passing for 127 yards and losing to the Cowboys despite his defense only giving up 13 points. All in all, the first point is mainly about in the games the chiefs have lost, Mahomes has still played at a high level and nearly carried his team to wins while other MVP candidates have had underwhelming duds at least twice this year. Woodstock High School senior Antonio Brown even stated, “Not one of the two losses the chiefs have had has been on him.”


Patrick Mahomes warming up before his game vs the Chargers

Credit: Photo Courtesy of Sports

  1. His numbers: Every person that has won the MVP in the NFL has put up monster numbers and Patrick Mahomes clearly fits that. He currently has passed for 4300 yards and 43 touchdowns and is on pace for 52 touchdowns and 5200 yards. He would be one of the 3 people in NFL History to have thrown for over 50 touchdowns along with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, who are two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. The fact that Mahomes is putting up these numbers in essentially his first year starting is special as it took over 7 years for Peyton Manning and Tom Brady to hit the 50 touchdown Mark and Mahomes will most likely do it during his first season. While numbers aren’t everything, these type of numbers are hard to ignore as Woodstock High School Senior Jordan Peters stated, “ The fact that Mahomes is putting up numbers this crazy at only 23 years old in his first-year starting is crazy. He is clearly the MVP favorite.” symbolizes the rare company Patrick Mahomes is in.


Patrick Mahomes in the pocket vs the Ravens

Credit: Photo courtesy of

  1. Rare Talent:  Some quarterbacks such as Aaron Rodgers and John Elway make that that are simply different from everyone else, and Patrick Mahomes fits that bill. The fact that he can throw the ball accurately from multiple platforms is rare and special. The 4th down clutch throw he made vs the Ravens is a throw only Aaron Rodgers can make, outside of Rodgers no other quarterback in the NFL has the type of Arm talent to make the type of throws Patrick Mahomes makes on a regular basis. Not only are his physical abilities rare but his football IQ at such a young age is also special as he has a unique ability to manipulate safety coverage with his eyes as he frequently fools a safety by staring down one side of the field and quickly faking and throwing to another side of the field is special. Not to mention the no-look passes he makes also help him move coverage to another direction in order to give his receivers a chance. His rare physical and mental gifts are a big reason Patrick Mahomes is a MVP front runner as Woodstock High School senior Will Wagoner stated, “ Patrick Mahomes can make throws no other quarterback in NFL history can make” symbolizes the type of immense talent Mahomes is.


Patrick Mahomes slinging the football around vs the Bears

Credut: Photo Courtesy of Arrowhead


Bottom line: The only knock against Mahomes is he has lost his biggest games of the season, including the loss to the Chargers. However, none of those losses were really his fault as his defense couldn’t stop a nosebleed in any of those games. If this award is about who is clearly the most valuable and best player than we shouldn’t still be having a race it’s clearly Patrick Mahomes as Woodstock High School senior Austin Danner stated, “there is no player in the NFL more valuable than Patrick Mahomes, look at the defense he’s carrying.”


Drew Brees is Patrick Mahomes’s main MVP competition.

Credit: Photo Courtesy of Clutch

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