The Holidays are here!

Staff Writer: Selene Gomez 

Two important holidays celebrated in December are Saint Nicholas Day and The Celebration of “Our Lady of Guadalupe”

Some say that they’ve never heard of Saint Nicholas Day, Diana Munoz, sophomore, says, “I’ve never heard of Saint Nicholas Day, but I have heard of the celebration of “Our Lady of Guadalupe”

Saint Nicholas Day is a Christian holiday celebrated on Dec. 6. Saint Nicholas was a Christian bishop that was known for helping the needy. He born into a wealthy family, however his parents both passed away, which left him with a lot of money. He used that money to help the sick and they poor. 

Saint Nicholas was well known in Europe until the reformation in the 1500’s, however the Dutch continued to celebrate his feat day, Dec.6, where children would put out their shoes at night and have gifts that saint Nicholas left for them. This tradition is practiced to remember when he came into the home of three sisters and left money for them during the night, the three girls were at the verge of being sold for servitude, however Saint Nicholas saved their lives. 

The Dutch brought the legend of Saint Nicholas or as the Dutch call him “Sinterlaas”, to America in the 1700’s, however throughout the years the name Sinterlass was changed into Santa Claus, and instead of receiving gifts on Dec. 6, it was changed to Christmas Day 

“An Account of a Visit from St.Nicholas” by Clement Clarke , describes Saint Nicholas as a holly, heavy man who comes down the chimney to leave presents for deserving children. 

Thomas Nast a cartoonist from Germany brought his cartoons to America and one of his well-known pieces was of Santa holding toys in a red suit


Thomas Nast created Sinterlass which influenced today’s Santa Claus

Dec. 12 is the feast day and birthday of “Our Lady of Guadalupe”

The story began during the 16th century where a fifty seven year old man named Juan


Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels, Los Angeles California, has a section in the cathedral that honors the Aztec princess

Diego was walking through his village when he was said to have heard beautiful music and seen a radiant cloud with the an Indian maiden dressed like an Aztec princess.

She spoke to him and told him to find a bishop in Mexico and tell him to build a chapel where she had previously appeared. When he arrived and told the bishop, he wanted a sign to know that Juan Diego was not lying. His uncle became severely ill which led him to become afraid and tried to avoid the apparition, however she was able to find him and tell him that his uncle would soon recover. The Lady of Guadalupe then provided Juan Diego with roses to carry to the bishop in his cloak.

Juan Diego

The Virgin of Guadalupe appeared on Juan Diego’s cloak

On Dec.12 when Juan Diego arrived with the Bishop, he dropped all the roses from his cloak before him. On the cloak there appeared to be an image of the Virgin exactly how she appeared on the first time she appeared to Juan Diego.

As a result, Millions of indigenous people in Mexico converted to Catholics as a result of The Virgin of Guadalupe’s miracle and appearance.

This incident was a reminder that the Virgin of Guadalupe and the God that sent her accept all, today the Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe is celebrated every 12th of December by many Catholics.

Each Dec.12 most people spend time at the church praying, setting off fireworks, and watch live traditional dances. Each morning there is a mass to honor the Virgin and after there are parties to celebrate and thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for protecting those who honor her.

Nancy Delacruz Junior says, “The celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe makes me feel honored to be Mexican, and my favorite part is when the Aztecs dance.”

St Michael

St Michael the Archangel celebrates the Virgins birthday by offering flowers and traditional dances

Marcelina Mendez, Junior says, “It is a magnificent experience, singing to her happy birthday is just heartwarming.”

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