The Return 2 Resident Evil

Staff Writer: Logan Haines

Resident Evil 2 is hailed by fans of Capcom and video games alike, as the single greatest Resident Evil made. The Resident Evil franchise is a part of the survival-horror game genre, most known for its creative story telling and memorable mechanics, the genre is one of the top genre’s out there. It was no surprise then when Capcom released Resident Evil 2, originally called Biohazard 2 in Japan, that the series quickly became a cult classic. In 1998, for the first PlayStation, the game features and highlights its prowess at exploration, puzzles and combat. From the first not a lot is contrasted besides the branching story pathways, with each character having their own unique storyline and obstacles to encounter.

leon zombie attack PCgamesN

Leon Kennedy fending of a civilian infected with the T-Virus. Photo Courtesy of PCgamesN.

Receiving praise as one of the best video games ever made, accomplishments include its atmosphere, setting, graphics (for the time), and audio. The game was not without its shortcomings as the community made itself heard through the complaints about controls, voice acting, and the inventory system. There isn’t much to say about the voice acting besides Capcom could have spared a few more bucks to up the ante, but the real trouble with the games comes more in the mechanics. Resident Evil 2 had fixed positioned camera angles that changed from room to room and area to area, combined with sluggish tank controls. Anyone who has played a video game in their life can tell you this is one of, if not the worst way, to play a video game. Tank controls alone are a nightmare to utilize, especially in a survival horror franchise that is so reliant on exploration and the occasional fleeing the monster that might be too much for you. Having to stop moving and turn your character, to then continue moving, slows down the gameplay, while creating unnecessary tension. Only adding to the difficult controls are the fixed camera angles, so every new room you happen in upon the button layout is different, more often than not causing a few trips between the rooms before you realize left is no longer left, and now moves you up. That being the most irritating thing about the series, up till Resident Evil 5 where they brought in free form movement and

Dr William Bilkins wei song

Dr. William Birkin makes his return to the screen as his infamous monster self. Photo Courtesy of Wei Song.

strafing, it’s hard to complain too much about its success. And although the inventory management system is a bit of contested waters, the idea is explored in an ingenuitive way that brings a sense of planning and worry not present in other survival-horrors at the time. In Resident Evil, the main protagonist is equipped with some sort of briefcase, or backpack, or containment vessel of some kind. When accessing the inventory, the spaced inside the containment unit is dissected into even square sections, and each individual item takes up a certain number of squares, whether that be four or half of one. Part of the panic and hurriedness comes from collecting more items and scrambling to find ways to maneuver your current contents so as to make room for the new member. Furthermore, increasing the stress factor is how saving the game file works within Resident Evil. To keep that precious medicine or ammunition you just found or make sure the ridiculously hard monster you took down doesn’t come back you have to find one of the hidden typewriters in the map and manual save it, also storing unwanted items. No more is their popping up the menu and saving just because, you run the risk of “Am I going to make it in time?”, which is a brilliant system yet to be seen in any other games previous or upcoming.

Robert Kendo encounter ign

Robert Kendo threatening the main protagonist Leon Kennedy. Photo Courtesy of IGN.

Sony Entertainment surprised the fans of Resident Evil at its 2018 E3 conference with two trailers for the Resident Evil 2 remake and some gameplay footage. Capcom also gave the release date for Jan 25, 2019 long awaited ever since the company teased its development back in 2015. The remake is going to follow the original plot of the first game, with some minor tweaks to plot holes and character development. As of now there is also no news of fresh monsters added to the experience. For the long-time fans of the series the return to Raccoon City, main setting for the game, is littered with new challenges and hidden agendas. “If you know the classic Raccoon City Police Department like the back of your hand, some parts of the station might look familiar, but don’t let the similarities fool you. While many of the locations may look similar in design to the one in the original game, this museum-turned-police station is full of surprises for both seasoned veterans and newcomers alike,” commented Kellen Haney, a Capcom media specialist. Even more is if you were excited by the new feel of the most recent Resident Evil game, Resident Evil 7, the remake of 2 is playing in the same RE engine incorporating the massive advancements in controls and mechanics, while keeping the “nostalgic memories of when I [Perez] first got the original on Psp.” Guillermo Perez, Woodstock High School Junior, also added, “I trust that Capcom will do a good job with the game because of how well made Resident Evil 7 was.” Resident Evil 2 remake is undeniably going to be a perfected version of the original masterpiece as a Capcom representative told a press release, “the game has been completely rebuilt from the ground up for a deeper narrative experience. Using Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine, Resident Evil 2 offers a fresh take on the classic survival horror saga with breathtakingly realistic visuals, heart-pounding immersive audio, a new over-the-shoulder camera, and modernized controls on top of gameplay modes from the original game.”

side by side comparison ign

Side by side comparison of the orignal game and its upcoming remake. Photo Courtesy of IGN.

Now January sounds like a long way away, but the wait is worth it and avid fans of the series can play an early release demo coming later this December.

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