Defensive Toughness Not Enough to Overcome Lack of Offense…Yet  


Staff Writer: Corey Darko 


Lead Story: The basketball team is going through a rough stretch. The team lost six straight games Starting on January 5, in a three-point loss against Kennesaw Mountain, before snapping their losing steak in a 49-43 win over Lassiter on January 22. This unfortunate run dropped their record to 6-16, and the offense might be the biggest reason why. The team has scored 70 points or above once all year as the offense as too many times this season the offense has looked stagnant. When asking Woodstock High School senior Brent Melton simply stated, “The offense has really struggled this year.” Fresh off a 16-14 record last year and making the playoffs, the team has taken a step back and there are a couple of reasons why the team has declined. 


Basketball team celebrating after a 64-53 win over River Ridge 

Photo Courtesy of Woodstock Athletics.Com 

Youth: Last year’s basketball team had a lot of veteran experience as eight seniors took the floor for the Wolverines. This year, only five seniors are on the roster, as the rest of the roster is mainly filled with unproven young guys. That inexperience has hurt the team at times this season as they sometimes panicked in close games and have multiple costly turnovers. Woodstock High School senior Bailey Rende stated, “In basketball, being inexperienced automatically puts you at a disadvantage.” Young teams usually battle inconsistently, which is a big reason why the basketball team has had multiple slow offensive starts as Woodstock High School senior Will Wagoner stated,” Outside of inexperience, inconsistency is the biggest thing young teams struggle with.” 


Christian Vallejo taking a picture with his family on senior night 

Photo courtesy of Woodstock High School athletics twitter 

Offensive Regression: Last year’s team had a very good offense. In fact, they were able to score 70 plus points 10 times out of 30 games. That simply hasn’t been the case this season as they have only scored 70 or more points once this season out of 24 games. A big reason for the step back in offense is the 3-point shooting regression. Woodstock High School senior Miles Chambers stated, “It seems a lot of times this year the team lives and dies by the 3-ball.” Unfortunately, the inconsistency from the 3-point line has cost the team more than rewarded this so far this year. 


Jadon Rakestraw taking a picture with his family on senior night 

Photo Courtesy of Woodstock High School Athletics 

Bright Spot: Despite a disappointing season offensively, the team has still been stout defensively. They have only allowed an opponent to score 70 or more points five times this season and are still very good at switching and defending the 3-point shot. In many games this year where the offense struggled, the defense kept them in games and gave them a chance to win. Woodstock High School senior Jordan Fuller stated, “Yes, the offense has been struggling but the defense has been a huge positive for the team this year.” 


Reggie Fulton taking a picture with his family on Senior Night 

Photo Courtesy of Woodstock High School Athletics twitter 

Bottom line: Despite what’s shaping up to be a disappointing season, the team still has potential in the future as most of the team is young and they play hard every day, those are two qualities that eventually leads to winning. 


Brenden Foo taking a picture with his family on Senior Night 

Photo Courtesy of Woodstock High School Athletics Twitter.

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