It’s Just Choosing Your Future, No Pressure!

Section Writer: Hannah Suh

It is that time of the year again! Time to start thinking about next year before this semester has even started. Time to start asking all of the upperclassmen which class is better on college applications or which ones are easiest. Time to start meeting with counselors, planning out schedules and thinking about future career choices even. Time to start picking next year’s classes!


Woodstock High School consists of a large variety of classes, including core classes and electives. Core classes range from on level to AP classes, consisting of math, science, English and social studies classes. Electives have a much larger variety, ranging from early childhood education to recreational games. The large variety of electives help the students experience classes that might help them with their career path choices. They get to experience classes that relate to whatever future they are interested in. If one wants to become a teacher, they can take early childhood education, if one wants to become a lawyer or such, they can take Intro to Law and Safety, or if one wants to become a psychologist, they can take psychology.


The elective sheet listing all the possible classes

Photo courtesy of:  Woodstock High School website obtained by Hannah Suh


Psychology is one of the many electives Woodstock High School offers, taught by James Sanchez, a WHS social studies teacher. It consists of two semesters of learning about the human mind and functions involving behavior. Mr. Sanchez was kind enough to answer a few question for those who are curious about this course in particular.

What is this elective’s learning objective?

“Hoping to satisfy your curiosity about people as well as what we do and why we do things. As well as prepare students and put them in a position to succeed for the AP test in May”

What are some activities, labs, or projects that the students taking the class can look forward to?

“I like to do as many hands on things that we can. I do this in order to show psychology in a real world setting. We do a multitude of things throughout the year. Some examples are

  1. Taste test lab
  2. Experiment on which brand has the most chocolate chips
  3. Brain and reaction time activity
  4. Psychological disorders project and presentation
  5. Baby book project
  6. Wearing of goggles that turns the world upside down and trying to navigate some activities”

What is the end goal of the class?

“Couple of things

  1. Pass the AP exam
  2. Learn about the basics of psychology and how it can be and is applied in a real world setting
  3. Have fun”

What do you want your students to take in from the class?

“That students will need to know how to understand and communicate with people. They will need to know how to deal with all different types of people, and you will need to know why they act the way that they do. Everybody should know that. It is something that can’t be learned in a math class.”

Why would you recommend taking this class?

“I would definitely recommend this class. I would recommend this class for someone who has never taken an AP or honors class before but is a strong student with a good work ethic.”

What are some requirements you have for students that want to take this class?

“There are no real requirements. However, it helps to have a strong background in biology and anatomy as well as being a strong writer.”


Kennesaw State University dual enrollment opportunity

Photo courtesy of Kennesaw State Website Obtained by Hannah Suh

There are also many other opportunities that Woodstock High School offers such as, dual enrollment and internships. In order to get more information about these opportunities, it is important to talk to your counselor. Talking to your counselors will help you so much with your high school decisions. They are all there, located across from the cafeteria, to help out the students with any academic questions. All one has to do is schedule an appointment and arrive to the appointment. The counselors are able to pull up all of your student information in order to advise you to the best of their abilities.

Core classes that qualify for scholarships!

Photo courtesy of: Woodstock High School website obtained by Hannah Suh


The counselors are divided up by last name, making it more efficient to meet with the same students, though students can request to meet with any counselor of their liking. It goes by alphabetical order, starting with last names A-Co with Ms. Lindsay Gueren, last names Cr-He with Ms. Hillary Nichols, last names Hi-Mi with Ms. Marcee Smith, last names Mo-Se with Ms. Maria Robinson and last names Sh-Z with Mr. Daryl Harris.


The future is so close, for freshman it is just four years, and for seniors it is right around the corner. Woodstock High School has been trying to do its best for the students, providing them with an abundance of electives, phenomenal counselors and all the support from teachers that one can get, in order to prepare them for their bright futures. I think we can all agree when I say that Mr. Smith would want all of us to have the best of the best support and resources in order to succeed for our future!

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