The Orchestra at WHS

Staff Writer: Selene Gomez  

Jazlyn Saucedo, sophomore, says. “I’ve been in Orchestra for five years and I play the violin. I joined Orchestra because it’s a fun activity to get away from school work and relax. My favorite part about it is playing at concerts and going to LGPE, which is Large Group Performance Evaluation.  

LGPE is held at Reinhardt University in April, and the whole orchestra goes to perform in front of judges. When they perform, they show the judges how good they are. The point is to see which school is best in the state. 

Abisai Bocanegra, junior trumpet player, says. “LGPE lets us see how good we are with the level of music we’re playing. We practice three challenging pieces of music and play them in front of three judges. We then get a score back ranging from 1 to 5. The rate us 1 through 5, 1 being superior and 5 being the worst score.”   

Brianna Francis, cello player,” I joined Orchestra because I wanted to do something fun in high school and not get bored, my favorite part about it is meeting new people and getting to see different mind sets and learning new music. I definitely plan on taking Orchestra again next year.” 


One of the many instruments are the cello.

Orchestras typically consist of four groups of instruments, woodwinds, brass, percussion and string. Some instruments that are used in Woodstock’s orchestra is the cello, viola and violin. These are all a part of the string group. 

Stephanie Bobadilla, sophomore bass player, “I love to play instruments, being with my friends and playing new music   


Another common instrument is the bass.

Sophomore Joey Shi, “I joined the orchestra because I wanted to have fun with my friends while playing the violin. I’ve been playing the violin for 4 years so since I was in 7th grade. I love to play at concerts with my friends.” 

Mr. Moxley, Orchestra and Chorus teacher recently started teaching at Woodstock in November. “My favorite instrument is the piano because it is so versatile, there is so much you can do with it you can play loud and soft it’s also very useful when teaching music in any and every genre.” 


Mr. Moxley uses the piano to help tune the instruments at the start of class.

When asked about why he decided to teach Orchestra he said, “I hadn’t actually considered it before because I specialized in coral vocal music when I did my college in Alabama, and when I came to Woodstock there was an opportunity to teach Orchestra along the side choir, so I was very excited about that.” 

“My favorite part of teaching is really the relationship I get to have with the students to be able to foster them, to be able to model for them. I also want to be able to teach them how to act in the real world how to think about things and I also want to be able to see growth.” 

The Orchestra at Woodstock High School is a great way to make new friends and learn many skills. One of those skills are team work, in this class you’re working with a large group of people that all have the same goal. Every person counts when it comes to playing music, if one person fails to do their part it can greatly affect the orchestra. That is why every person needs to put in the work.  


The students work together everyday to put together many pieces of music.

Team work helps in the long run too, while applying to different jobs many companies seek people who can work with many people efficiently.  

Another skill you gain from being in the orchestra is organization. Putting you part in learning your part of the music takes time and effort in and outside of school. One must have to commit to playing on their own time. Putting aside time to practice takes dedication especially when students have to worry about getting school work done. This skill helps students juggle different tasks and helps them handle large workloads.   


Orchestra helps students learn many useful tips that will help later in their life.

Being able to handle large workloads teaches students to cope under pressure. At concerts they are surrounded by friends and family which can be very stressful especially if they are not accustomed to playing in front of crowds. Though Orchestra is said to be fun and enjoyable there are high standards to help the Orchestra be successful. It also helps the students overcome stage fright which helps boost your confidence and prepares you for things like interviews and public speaking in college. 

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