Woodstock Wrestling Rolling Through Season

Staff Writer: Alex Kelly 

January has been a very busy month for the Woodstock High School Wrestling team. Along with practice practically every day, they had duels and tournaments throughout the rest of the month. Although the season is nearing an end, it has been an exciting one for Woodstock. They’ve won many big matches and even scored some accolades in some tournaments. However, these wins and accomplishments don’t come easy. The team works hard day in and day out to be the best they can be. This is the main cause in the wrestling team’s recent success.  


Woodstock’s Wrestling Team awaiting their turn in the Region Duals. 
Photo Credit: @whstakedown 

The wrestlers might be one of the hardest working athletes in the school. When they aren’t competing, their schedule consists of practice four days a week, and even sometimes five days. The players get worked harder than they’ve ever been in their lives. From serious weights, to mat drills, to conditionings and more are all part of the daily practice for them.  

“The feeling you get after a workout is like nothing else. Your body is either numb and tingling or the sorest it’s ever been,” says senior wrestler David Morris. 

While doing weights, they’re working on upper body, lower body, balance, control and other techniques to help improve their game. When it comes to the mat, this could be simple training on form and tactics, or it could be a practice match against a teammate to test the new training and skills. During their conditionings, they would either run sprints, use the track, agility drills as well as laps while carrying 35 to 45-pound plates. The practices aren’t easy, but they pay off during the season. 


A match taking place between Woodstock and Roswell. 
Photo Credit: @whstakedown 

“We have to run up and down the stairs carrying the plates. Sometimes we’d have to run all the way up, down, and around the tunnel downstairs. It really wears you down,” said wrestler Josh Shackelford. 

After all the practicing, comes the matches. On the January 12, Woodstock competed in the region duals. Facing off against Walton, Roswell, Lassiter and then Cherokee was a good show in the talent the team has. Woodstock went head-to-head against Walton first, falling to them by a score of 48-27. After that, they matched with Roswell. In this match, Woodstock suffered a close loss of 40-36. However, in the third match, Woodstock topped their rival, Etowah, by a score of 48-27. After this., they went on to beat Lassiter 38-34, but fell to Cherokee in their final match, leading them to place fourth in the Region Duals. 


Wrestlers Michael Roedeters and David Morris shaking hands before match. 
Photo Credit: @whstakedown 

“It was really fun to play in the region duals. It was tough that we didn’t place where we wanted, but the team and I had a lot of fun,” stated wrestler Michael Roedeters. 

On the January 16, Woodstock hosted their senior night, where they honored some of their senior players in their last year. Along with the ceremony, Woodstock faced off against River Ridge in a friendly matchup. On the big night, Woodstock came up with the win over River Ridge, 44-33. 


Woodstock’s seniors honored on senior night with their families. 
Photo Credit: @whstakedown 

“I went to the match during senior night. It was a great environment and it was truly fun to watch them wrestle,” claimed Woodstock High School senior Matthew Sanchez. 


Preparations and warmups before senior night versus River Ridge. 
Photo Credit: @whstakedown 

Additionally, the team competed in the Blue Devil Brawl this past weekend. Woodstock players received many top placements such as a first-place finish for Yarbough, second place for Michael Roedeters, along with other placements from various players. 

So far, Woodstock has had quite the memorable season, and it isn’t over yet. They have a big road ahead of them in fact. February marks the start of tournament play. On Saturday, February 2, Woodstock will compete in the Traditional Regions at Etowah High School. Followed by this is Sectionals on Friday, February 9, and Saturday, February 10 held at Lowndes High School. Finally, after sectionals, comes the State Championships held the Macon Centreplex from Wednesday, February 15 to Saturday, February 16. Woodstock has a long road ahead of them, but with continuous hard work and preparation, the end of the season should be an exciting one for the Wolverines. 



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