The Fieriest Chef on The Hottest Show

Staff Writer: Logan Haines

Nothing could be said better than the simple statement from Sophia Loconto, a junior at Woodstock High School, “It was nice to see Gordon Ramsay’s long anticipated arrival on the amazing interview show hot ones.” And indeed, it was. Gordon Ramsay is a world renown restaurateur, best-selling author of many cook books, and spectacularly wild television personality. Ramsay has been awarded 16 Michelin stars, and currently still holds 7 of them. These Michelin stars aren’t easy to come by either. According to the Guide, one star signifies “a very good restaurant”, two stars are “excellent cooking that is worth a detour”, and three stars mean “exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey”. A 7-star palette is quite miraculous holding to these standards. On top of the stars, Ramsay also has 7 hit television programs focusing on the mastery, or disaster, behind culinary specialties.

Despite his misgivings about the culinary quality of the wings of death, remarking “they need a bit a meat,” and “these could be from a quail,” Ramsay throws himself full force into the heated challenge. Sitting down with Sean Evans, host and creator of Hot Ones, produced by the YouTube channel First We Feast, Ramsay is submitted to a gauntlet of intense micro-interviews in the show best described as, from Evans opening line every episode, “The show with hot questions and even hotter wings.”


Line up of extreme sauces presented by the hot ones crew and available on their site. -Photo Courtesy of Logan Haines

The show first aired 4 years ago spanning seven seasons, with Ramsay as the premiere for season 8, with a smashing amount of celebrity guests ranging from comedy musical icon, Weird Al Yankovic, to whom most deem most interesting scientist alive, Neil DeGrasse Tyson. The show was an immediate hit, and Evans remarked in the intro to season eight’s premiere, “shortly after we put up our first episode, we were bombarded with requests to get Gordon Ramsay on the show, and as the show has grown, so too has that albatross around our necks that has followed me from the Internet to the airport to my family get-togethers, so this one is very much for the fans.”


Evans already being pressed on the culinary skilled applied to prepare the wings. -Photo Courtesy of Logan Haines

Gordon appeared excited to be on the show, but a preview opening clip shows how quickly the episode went wrong. Famed for his cooking expertise, audience members quickly learned chef Ramsay can not take the heat. With expletives totaling 128 uses of the “f-bomb” Ramsay seemed less than accepting of his fiery fate. Avid watchers of the series can’t blame the man, as the line up of sauces starts tender and slowly the seeds of regret grow upon the faces of participants, facing burning and dripping with pain. These sauces are no joke, and spice rounding out the second half are some of the worst ones seen on the show. #6 was an Adoboloco Kolohe Kid, a vinegar-based sauce rich with the heat of ghost peppers and Maui’s own Hawaiian chili pepper, #7 being a Torchbearer Garlic Reaper, loaded to the max with reaper peppers and garlic and not much else, it’s a treat for the senses, and #8 is the Hellfire Fear This, a sauce as devastatingly hot as it is tasty, ingredients are not listed but the sauces are available on their website at


Ramsay shooting a display of unique technique to dowse the flame brought forth by “The Last Dab” sauce. -Photo Courtesy of Logan Haines

The interview process is the enthralling portion of the program, as the questions increase in difficulty as the wings increase in heat. The beginning of the show is simple foundation questions rounding out some of the rougher edges on the guest and getting to know Ramsay a bit more for those unfamiliar with him. Further down the line as the heat turned up, Ramsay was struggling to keep up, as at this point he brought out a bottle of Pepto-Bismol and donuts to tone down the intensity, downing the entire bottle in a single gulp.


Ramsay dumping the entire contents of a pepto to soothe his burning intestines. -Photo Courtesy of Logan Haines

Ramsay jokingly blamed his kids for this mentioning their pleas, “dad I want to see how good your palette is or how strong your palette is, you’ve got a big mouth, you shout and scream all day, but can you take a hot wing.” A deeper dive was issued into Ramsay’s personal Instagram where he was asked to enlighten the audience on some vague postings. Ramsay was most vocal talking was his encounter with European leaders Vladimir Putin and Tony Blair, remarking “could you imagine turning one of those leaders ill based a ‘funky’ bad oyster or ‘garbage’ chicken wing.”


Gordon with Vladamir Putin and Tony Blair at a lunch he prepared for them. -Photo Courtesy of Logan Haines

As the show went on Ramsay grew more ferocious and relentless in his onslaught of insults and choice words towards the show and its members, as he ended up shooting lemon and lime juice into his mouth to soothe his pain. To give some relief Ramsay was asked to guide Evans through the perfect execution of scrambled eggs, and not without his staple angered brit attitude.

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