Gathering all Thespians

Section writer: Hannah Suh

Hundreds of thespians all around Georgia traveled across town to be a part of one big convention: Thescon. Thescon is a conference that brings together many of the students from the Drama program from high schools all over Georgia, allowing them to watch one another perform, take part in workshops led by theater professionals, perform or view individual performance and tech events, audition for scholarships, talk to college representatives, and hang out with hundreds of other thespians that share this common interest. The convention, held in Columbus Georgia, lasted a whole three fun filled days, being Feb. 7, 8 and 9. Who wouldn’t want to go?

Although many of our Woodstock Students would like to go, there are some requirements that have to be met. A student that is allowed to partake in this amazing event must have 10 thespian points. Thespian points are points that the Students obtain through participating in certain thespian activities; such as being part of shows, seeing shows, or attending events. Those points then earn you a right into thespian induction which gives permission for even more thespian fun!

The students were led by amazing directors, Director Lauren Dunajek, and Assistant Director Sawyer Henderson, through this amazing experience as they themselves were able to learn and grow more through theater. Students that I have spoken to have been very grateful towards these directors as they got them there and back all together and safe, guiding them through this amazing learning experience and taking care of a whole group of teenagers. As it is not an easy job, they were able to manage and give these students the time of their lives, letting them enjoy this weekend amongst the many other Georgian thespians, gathering things to learn in order to bring back to our amazing Drama department here at Woodstock High School.


As I cannot speak on behalf of those who went, I have asked Amber Torralba, a Woodstock High School junior, some questions about her Thescon experience.


  1. What is the whole idea of Thescon? Who is allowed to go and why do they go?

“It’s a conference for thespians all across Georgia to come together and do workshops. You have to have 10 thespian points to be able to go. We go every year because it teaches us a lot of new ways to produce better shows and break into the community after high school.”


  1. What are some things that happen at Thescon? What activities do they offer?

“There are a bunch of shows you can go see, and there are so many different dancing, singing, improv, etc workshops that people can go and learn new things.”


  1. Why do you think that Thescon is a trip that is needed for the drama program?

“Actors and Techies learn lots of new things that can be put into shows that we put on and make them 10x better, as well as meeting new thespians and finding a sense of community and new friendships.”


  1. What are some memories or experiences that you can remember and would like to share?

“One of my favorite memories would be walking around the convention center with friends singing and dancing to songs from musicals and having other thespians join in.”


  1. Why do you recommend going for those who can go?

“It’s an amazing experience to improve on any skill you’d like to be better at or a new skill you’d like to try out.”


  1. Do you feel that the school needs to fund more trips like these?

“Yes, the school definitely should because it is educational as well as fun for students.”


  1. What are some things that you have learned from the trip?

“We’ve learned to pick up choreography better and have gotten more comfortable performing it, we’ve learned some new singing techniques too.”


  1. What was it like meeting people there that were able to share this common interest with you?

“It was fun everyone was so nice and you already have something in common to talk about.”


  1. Any last words that you would like to add you can!

“Thescon is so fun 12/10 would recommend but only for theatre kids because we don’t bring people who don’t like theatre on our trip.”


Thescon allows hundreds of opportunities for student and teacher growth along with opportunities for leadership. The whole vision of this conference is to empower students and teachers through teacher and it does just that. Students have gotten so much from this experience, being able to learn more about the individual aspects that come together to make up a great show, being able to take part of many different small parts to the big puzzle of theater. There are so many different things to be a part of, no wonder it takes three whole days!



Thescon within: so many people gathered together to celebrate the art of theater

Photo courtesy of: Emily Hailstone


What an amazing opportunity it is to be able to watch other

Photo courtesy of: Emily Hailstone

Amazing sights even outside the theater!

Photo courtesy of: Logan Haines


Seems that everything around Thescon was interesting enough to capture!

Photo courtesy of: Logan Haines

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