The Backbone of School Events

Staff Writer: Mayson Cambron

There are so many different aspects of high school that make high school exactly that: high school. From football games to school dances and numerous other events, there are many different fun and exciting moments and memories to be made. But what many students don’t stop to consider is, “Who is behind all the planning?” That would be one of Woodstock High School’s many different clubs: Student Government Association (SGA).

SGA is arguably the most vital club at Woodstock High. Without it, there would be no football themes, homecoming parades, prom dances or the annual Student vs Faculty basketball game. This club is open to students of all grades. The only requirement is a willingness to be involved with hundreds of school activities, be a part of planning meetings and to hold a sense of school pride!

In order to kick off the school year, SGA always holds their “Summit” meeting within the first month of school. This meeting allows the club to get started on a fun and positive note with games and competitions around the school, in addition getting to know the new club members.

Sophomore Kayli Jones joined SGA this year and commented, “It was really, really fun! It also helped me to get to know the members a little better.” This meeting sets the bar high for the year with the expectation of hard work and lots of fun.

Summit picture

Student Government Summit 2018 Photo courtesy of Woodstock SGA Instagram page.

Right off the bat, SGA kicks into full gear with Homecoming season. The club members are divided into three committees: Halftime Committee, Dance Committee and Spirit Committee.

Halftime Committee is tasked with organizing the Homecoming football game. Every year at halftime, all of the students who were voted onto Homecoming Court will walk across the field with their sashes on, and the Homecoming King and Queen will be crowned. It is a fun night where students can celebrate those who made Court, as well as for parents of students on court to come out and support their kids and the Wolverines.

The Dance Committee is over the Homecoming Dance itself. They pick and choose decorations, food, the theme and music. This group met every week leading up to the dance, and their time commitment was clearly seen in the final event.

Homecoming decor

Some of the Homecoming dance decorations Photo courtesy of Woodstock SGA Instagram page.

The final committee is the Spirit Committee. In years past, Woodstock’s SGA has hosted a Homecoming Parade that goes around the school, complete with floats, DJ’s, food, bouncy houses and more. This year, rather than host a parade, SGA put on a Trunk-or-Treat event. Still full of music, games, food and candy, this event was held in the student parking lot and allowed for anyone in the community to stop by and visit various trunks decorated by students, parents or other clubs.

Trunk or Treat

Captain America picking out a piece of candy after playing a game at SGA’s Trunk-or-Treat. Photo courtesy of Woodstock SGA’s Instagram page.

As Homecoming season came to an end, students were busy studying for finals and wrapping up first semester. As soon as second semester began though, SGA was up and running again… this time in Prom mode.

This year’s Prom theme is the Lost City of Atlantis. Rather than run with the stereotypical “Under the Sea” theme, Woodstock High School’s juniors and seniors are taking a journey under the sea to find the Lost City of Atlantis. Prom Committee meets every week in order to plan out every detail of the dance: music, food, decorations, location, souvenirs and more!


Prom 2019 posters Photo courtesy of Woodstock SGA Instagram page.

The dance this year will be on Saturday, April 27 from 8-11pm. This year’s venue is in Downtown Atlanta at The Cellar. According to the Southern Exchange ATL website, this is a brand new venue has “16’ ceilings, industrial chandelier lighting, with a raw and trendy vibe,” which leaves plenty of room for SGA to transform it into the perfect place for a night of dancing and fun.

the cellar

This year’s prom venue, The Cellar. (Recently decorated for an NFL private party). Photo courtesy of Southern Exchange Website.

Unlike the Homecoming Dance, prom is exclusively for juniors and seniors. No underclassmen are allowed unless they are the guest of an upperclassmen. While many freshman and sophomores feel as though they should be allowed at prom, an anonymous senior commented that she does not feel that they should be allowed at prom, stating, “It’s our last two years for prom, so having a dance exclusively for us makes it that much more special.”

“Special” is exactly what SGA is aiming for with every event planned. It takes so much time, money and devotion to run all these large events, but they are worthwhile in the end. SGA teacher sponsor, Mrs. Jacqueline Vance feels as though SGA “allows students to get involved with the school in all sorts of ways, and to meet different types of students.”

For any students seeking more information about Woodstock High School’s SGA, feel free to stop by room 211 or 715.

Instagram: @woodstockwolverinesga

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