Preparing to Dive into the Lost City of Atlantis

Staff Writer: Hannah Suh

If you haven’t already done so, mark your calendars students of Woodstock High School because prom is around the corner! As spring break leads us into April, prom becomes the topic of many conversations. People are in search of dates, dresses, suits, rides, dinner reservations, and so much more. While many students are getting themselves ready to attend prom, a large group of students are getting prom ready to host our Woodstock students.

Woodstock High School Student Government Association is filled with seniors and juniors that have been preparing prom, getting even the smallest details ready and perfected. Britney Diep, a Woodstock High School junior, explained how, “We have been choosing decorations, viewing the venue and making tweaks to it, picking the treats to serve at prom, finding decor to compliment the theme, and just recently organized the prom closet so students would have access to cheap prom dresses!”

Friday mornings students have taken on the task of selling prom tickets, lining up students at the 200 and 700 hall intersection. It is interesting that teachers are giving such a big task to students, asking them to spread the word about ticket sales, get people to buy them, and handle all of the transactions themselves, however Britney revealed that, “I feel like it’s good students are put up to the task of selling tickets because it makes their peers excited to go to prom and is an easy way to get the tickets sold! More convenient for students and teachers.”

Before school even started, student government association started looking at locations and venues to host our “Lost City of Atlantis” prom at. Many venues were considered, but the one that stuck out to our prom committee was The Cellar, located at 200 Peachtree in Atlanta Georgia. This underground location is a perfect fit for our under the sea Atlantis theme! When lit up with blue lights, an underground cellar can be transformed into an under the sea experience, making students feel like they are in the magical and mystical lost city of Atlantis.

The many different ways the venue, The Cellar, can transform to fit the occasion

Photo courtesy of: The Cellar

In order to help those who are struggling to find the perfect dress, Woodstock High School students help set up a closet, available to students throughout their lunch period in the auditorium. These prom attires have been donated in order to help others be able to find the dress in which they feel their best in, affordable and convenient. No need to go anywhere else to shop for “the dress” when it is right within your own high school!

If you were not able to buy a dress from the school’s closet then do not fear, for there are still many other shops that are ready for this prom season. Queen Couture is a dress shop located in downtown woodstock, selling dresses that are perfect for prom! Located on 9010 Main Street, Woodstock, this shop is filled with a range of dresses, long, short, flowy, tight, however you feel fits you. Not only do they sell dresses, but they sell shoes and accessories that could go perfectly with your dress.


Such beautiful light dresses to choose from!

Photo courtesy of: Lena Suh


Changing it up with some more classic, dark dresses

Photo courtesy of: Lena Suh

This year, Woodstock High School is looking out for the students, trying their very best to ensure not only a fun night, but a safe night. Those who are bringing a date from another school must fill out a form that can be found at Ashley Dexter’s room, which should be signed by the student’s school administrator, and returned to Mr. Smith to sign. Many people have worries about this new process, that perhaps it would not get filled out in time, but Mr. Smith has been doing his best to make sure to go through and fill out every form as soon as he can. Britney shared with me how, “The school has made this policy to ensure the students safety! I think this is a good idea as it keeps the students safe and doesn’t just let anybody enter prom.”

This year prom is guaranteed to bring a fun and mystical night for you and your friends. Last year, many enjoyed the “Under the Lights” prom night, also planned and set up by our amazing prom committee and teacher, Ashley Dexter. It is so exciting to see what this year’s prom has in store for us. If you are still feeling unsure about whether you should go or not, here are some encouraging words by our very own Woodstock Student Government Association that might change your mind!

“Prom is only twice in your life so why not! It’s a memory and experience you won’t be able to recreate with your friends and peers before we all go off separate ways! This is the first year with an aquatic theme which adds a fun twist!” -Britney Diep

“I would encourage students to go to prom, especially seniors who should enjoy their final time in high school. The theme is really original and occasions like this don’t come up a lot.”-Briston Green, a Woodstock High School junior.

Hope to see you all there in The Lost City of Atlantis!

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