I Am Your… Son?

Staff Writer: Arie Mitchell

I Am Your… Son ?

Imagine you are at home relaxing, having a calm day. All of a sudden you hear a knock at the door. You go to answer it and are met with an unrecognizable face. It is a man. What comes from his mouth will shock you. He says, he is your son. He claims to be the son who was taken from you years ago.

All these emotions and questions spill into your brain as you stare at the man and he stares back. “Where did you come from?”, “How did you escape?”, “Are you really who you say you are?”, “Is this…real?”

This sickening scenario is similar to what happened to the family of Timothy Pitzen. To some of you this case is familiar. The tragedy of 6-year-old Timothy occurred back in 2011 with his mother checking him out from school shortly after his dad had dropped him off.


Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, National Center for Missing or Exploited Children. Photo Creds to: buzzfeednews.com

His mother took him to multiple theme parks, but little did he know his world would soon begin to come crashing down. After the theme parks, not much is know. Only that his mom checked into a motel and later committed suicide. It appears that Timothy just… disappeared. His mother left a number of notes saying that her son is with people who love him and will take good care of him. The notes also said that Timothy would never be found.

There has been no trace of him or anything that his mother had done with him. He just vanished. Even after eight years, no one knows.


Timmothy Pitzen disappeared when he was 6. He’s still missing and would be 14 years old now. Photo Creds: cnn.com

Brian Michael Rini is the man who decided to stir things back up with the case by pretending to be Timothy. On April 5, 2019, Rini decided to casually go into a Kentucky neighborhood, knock on the Pitzen family door and pretend to be the child that they have been missing for eight years. The world is crazy!

Rini says he learned about Timothy’s case on an episode of ABC’s “20/20”. He told a criminal complaint and addvit. The addvit also said he, “…wanted to get away from his own family.”


Brian Rini is now facing federal charges and is facing 8 years in prison. Photo Creds: cnn.com

His story was that he had escaped two male captors. He claimed to had faced abuse for years. He had been found wandering the streets of Kentucky, and had been found by these random people. Rini also gave descriptions of the two people who captured him causing a multi-state search.

When he was asked more questions about why he did it, he answered saying part of the reason was that he wishes he had a father like Timothy’s. He says, “…if I went missing my father would just keep drinking.”

Rini’s brother says his brother has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and bipolar disorder. “Still he could have had rational thinking to not do something like this.”, his brother said.

Luckily, the Pitzen family is not as dumb as Rini had hoped. They had him DNA tested to make sure this was not a ruse. Unfortunately for them, it was.

Rini is now being charged with making false statements to federal agents and could be facing up to eight years in prison.

This is not the first time Rini has had a run in with the law. In fact, less than a month ago he was released from an Ohio prison on an 18-month sentence for burglary and vandalism! According to records, Rini and his friends had broken into and trashed a 400,000 dollar home to hold a “tattoo party”.

“The plan was very obvious,” Brunswick Hills Township police chief Tim Sopkovich told local news outlets at the time. Sopkovich quoted the men’s Facebook posts as saying “Come on over; it’s a $400,000 home. We’re going to party, bring your own drugs.”

Just eight days before Rini showed up in Kentucky, the courts tried to issue him a bill for unpaid fines; however they could not find him. You can assume he was already on his way to Ohio. He was supposed to be under constant surveillance after being released; which is why the courts were shocked to find his bill returned and unserved due to his absence.

It is hard to imagine what this familt has gon through. After the longing of wanting their boy back, they finally have something that gives them ho\pe for it to be revealed as a lie. There was no point in doing this. Honestly, Rini needs help if he did this for a “good laugh”. Prayers go out to this family, and that they do finally get their boy back.


His father is still searching for him with high hopes. Photo Creds: talkmurderwithme.com

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