Justin Thomas Proves Golf Course Wrong

Staff Writer: Adam Burns

August 18, 2019, will sure be a day to remember in the history of golf.

Coming from the bottom all the way to the top, Justin Thomas finishes his 3rd round, finishing with a total score of 25-under and breaking the course record at the BMW Championship at Medinah. Beating out the previous PGA Tour event champ at Liberty National, Jon Rham, and securing his spot as a top player at the FedEx Cup.

Course creators have always thought that creating a longer course would generally create a more challenging and difficult atmosphere. But Thomas just had to prove those creators wrong.

Most High School and Junior tournaments tend to be play at a total of 6,400 yards, and Amateur tournaments at right around 7,000 or slightly less. At Medinah, they wanted the tournament to be as difficult as possible, so they increased the yardage of the course all the way to an astounding 7,700 yards.

Thomas is one of the average hitters in the PGA Tour averaging his drives around 302 yards. While people such as Cameron Champ, averaging around 318 yards. These payers are able to reach the green in two strokes on a 617-yard Par 5, which is not usual and quite impressive. But due to all of the innovations made to the game this feat is beginning to be seen more and more.

justin thomas

Photo Credits to the Daily Herald: Hole No. 7 on the Medinah Course No. 3, reaching an unbelievable 617 yards

Golf has slowly grown from a steady sport, that took thinking and a special mental capacity most people didn’t have, to a game where it is whoever can hit the ball the farthest and most consistent. Course managers had yet to realize that until Thomas had to prove it to them, playing Medinah at 7,700 yards and taking home the first-place prize. This could potentially result in a drastic change in course layouts, or rules, or to golf in general.

Dan Hicks commented after the 3rd round saying, “Thomas brings Medinah’s Course No. 3 to its knees.” Followed by Tiger Woods saying, “What is crazy is that there is only one person is over par for the entire field. It is hard to fathom that we are all scoring as well as we are on this golf course. That is one of the more difficult golf courses.”

These two professional players are astounded by the way Thomas had taken the course down, while making it look like a breeze. Everyone on the tour is thinking that golf needs an upgrade. A change. Something to make the game challenging, and fun, and interesting. Something that we might be seeing very soon in the game of golf.

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