Why Did(n’t) the Chicken Cross the Road?

Staff Writer: Amanda Lloyd

It didn’t, because in Quitman, Georgia, it is illegal, though there aren’t any real punishments that come with breaking this particular law.


Photo credits: Andru Valpy, posted to twitter by Andru Valpy, this photo captures a chicken crossing a road. Let’s just hope someone asked her why.

The state of Georgia has many weird laws, most of them being completely random ideas that nobody would ever think of, for example: One cannot carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket on Sunday, though it must be mentioned, it is legal every other day of the week.

In Gainesville, one cannot eat fried chicken with a fork or any other utensil. In 2009, on her 91st birthday, Ginny Dietrick was “arrested” for eating her fried chicken with a fork.


Photo credits: Sarah Guevara, Dietrick getting “arrested” by Gainesville police chief Frank Hopper

as put on the city books as a sort of public relations stunt to promote Gainesville the poultry capital of the world.” says Gainesville police chief Frank Hopper.

In Jonesboro, it is illegal to say the phrase “Oh, boy.” This law does have a sad history behind it though. After the Civil War, most former slaves weren’t able to find sustainable jobs, so most of them turned to washing horses. To call the former slaves, the rich white men would call out “Oh, boy.”

In Columbus, it is illegal to activate a stink bomb. I think I am speaking for most of us (that attended WHS last year) when I say I wish this law was in place in Woodstock as well. For those of you who didn’t attend Woodstock last year or just forgot, someone kept setting off stink bombs, mostly in the rotunda, which caused half of the school to smell like rotting eggs.

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