Ghosts Perform Suprise Renovations At Local Church

Staff Writer: Logan Haines

A group of three teenage boys was arrested early last June. The boys ranging from 13-15 are accused of breaking into Faith Family Church, vandalizing the property, and theft of allocations. Certain samples of graffiti painted along the interior of the church possibly link the delinquents with an Atlanta based Prison Gang, the Ghost Face Gangsters.

Sitting on Bells Ferry Road the group of juveniles entered Faith Family Church via a window they had smashed and proceeded to cause further damage to the church property. The three teens, who have not been named, totaled damage of 17 broken windows, turned over furniture, broken lights, and a gallery of spray-painted imagery on church walls.

The teens in question have been charged with burglary in the second degree and causing damage to a place of worship. The charges are being held within the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office due to the crimes taking hold in 5744 Bells Ferry Road, a region of unincorporated Acworth. Faith Family Center Lead Pastor Donald Sanglimbene told reporters he hoped those responsible would turn their lives around and hold no grudges from this time forth.

easter eggs

Church collection of Easter eggs and children collectibles rifled through by the accused. Photo Courtesy of Cherokee County Sheriff

According to Pastor Sanglimbene, an estimated $200 in cash was stolen from a secured tithe box. Reports of the spray-painted images have included statements of and in a similar vein to “Hail Satan”, “Jesus sux”, upside-down crosses, swastikas, and the term “Ghost Face” a reference to the Ghost Face Gangsters of Atlanta.

The Ghost Face Gangsters are a prison-based gang that has been in Georgia for almost 20 years. The gangs reach press far beyond prison walls though. In early 2018, at least three known incidents have been connected to suspected members of the gang. One such memorable incident was a deadly prison break in June 2018, that left two correction officers dead, and an unmentioned number of guards and officers alike injured.


satan worship

More vandalism of the church showing vulgar and offensive imagery to the religious patrons. Photo Courtesy of Cherokee County Sheriff.

When questioned about concerns of local gang activity William Skeens, Woodstock High School senior, commented, “In simple words that’s [insane], the lack of societal protection on youths and the ability to be linked into gangs and do these things are wrong.” With another Woodstock senior, Doris McBride adding, “We focus too much on punishing kids who are at risk or already in gangs, rather than providing support to keep them out of it. Also, if the gang is prison-based doesn’t that obviously say the punishments are working?” On the other side of the situation, Guillermo Perez, Woodstock High School senior, argues, “I think they’re not much of a threat at the moment, but it could definitely become out of control.”

window smash

The unnecessary shattering of church windows by the teenage culprits. Photo Courtesy of Cherokee County Sheriff.

In past years the Georgia Department of Corrections refused to discuss anything pertaining to the Ghost Face Gang, and the GBI as of 2018, does not have a gang unit devoted to monitoring their activity. According to the Anti-Defamation League Georgia is home to at least three white supremacist prison gangs, including the Ghost Face Gangsters. The group originated in California in the 1970s, but an original founding member didn’t start the Georgia section until 1998.


Vandalism at Faith Family Church of tagged reference to the Ghost Face Gangsters. Photo Courtesy of Cherokee County Sheriff.

Though only some of the members are white supremacists, the main mission seems to be mass crime and chaos, according to local law enforcement agencies.

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