Myanmar, At Least 30 Deaths, Severe Floods, Landslides, Poor Conditions, and Many Missing People

Staff Writer: Yee Yee Twe


Myanmar landslides and monsoon rains are severe due to the poor conditions and humidity. A village near a rural area in the mountains was destroyed by the landslide. One afternoon a woman heard a huge noise to see her home being hit by the mud.

On Saturday  morning, Aug 10, the rescuers loaded bodies wrapped in plastic, they were bodies of the deceased, many people and rescuers were digging into the six feet of mud to find dead bodies, a mother and a child were found dead, the mother has tried to save the child by shielding her child with her own body, but sadly both did not survive the landslide. Reporters and rescuers say bodies are still missing in the 6ft mud.

Photo Credit: Sai Aung Main

workers help

(AFP Photo)

At the same time on the other side of Myanmar, there’s a monsoon going on, the areas get flooded, the water rises, many flee their home from here and there all-around Myanmar and escape by boats. Many are left injured in Myanmar, many are dead, many are still missing, the area isn’t in good conditions.

village flood

Myanmar doesn’t have that well-advanced supplies to support the area. It would take weeks and days to rebuild the villages and for the next few weeks people would be filled with sorrow, lives were taken, hope that those missing people were found, hopefully, Myanmar is back into its original form.

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