Routine Traffic Stop Turns Meth Bust

Staff Writer: Grace Dembickie


When driver Richard Paul Lindsey failed to pull over for an officer trying to make a traffic stop on Bells Ferry, the situation quickly took a turn for the worse as Lindsey gave police a run for his money by fleeing from the law.

As the officer attempted to pull over Lindsey in a car chase, after failing to maintain his own lane and weaving, he observed the offender throw a bag containing crystalline substance, later identified as methamphetamine, out the window of the car. As the white bag tumbled down the asphalt, a domino effect kickstarted a bigger story not yet seen for Lindsey and his bunch of “upstanding citizens” later connected to the case. Eventually, backup arrived and brought Lindsey to a not so voluntary stop as they boxed his car in. Lindsey was arrested on scene and had racked up a third charge at this point, attempting to elude the police.

meth man

Photo credit: Richard Paul Lindsey’s mug shot after his arrest that led to the seizing of multiple kinds of illegal substances including methamphetamine.

After his arrest, a search of Lindsey’s car was conducted. Police knew that when they found another bag of methamphetamine, this was a situation that would keep unfolding. Due to the second finding, a warrant for Lindsey’s home was obtained by Woodstock law enforcement. A search of Lindsey’s home opened many other doors in the case, including three more arrests full of felonious charges.

Woodstock High School senior, Corbyn Parsons says, “It is very obvious that when people spiral out of control with drugs, they once felt that they could keep control. It gives me a new respect for school policies as one never knows if what seems like a little habit could turn them into a full-on addict.”

With a long receipt of charges and a list of allies turned enemies, Lindsey no longer needed a stimulant to cause rapid heart rate and panic. Narcotics agents conducted a search of Lindsey’s home and found more drugs including ten more pounds of meth, as well as marijuana, mushrooms, hashish, and vape pens. These new findings led to more charges against Lindsey as well as chargers against three more individuals, Bryan David Grantham, Katherine Jennifer Griffin, and Stephanie Dawn Tate.

meth of man

Photo credit: Bags of methamphetamine found along with other illegal substances during the car chase traffic stop gone wrong and house search.

Woodstock High School senior, Tess Cope, inquires, “As a student in high school, it is so common to hear of people my age getting into trouble with drugs and vaping. It is pathetic to hear about a situation where a group of people almost three times my age have stooped so low as to carelessly handle drugs and run from the police.”

While the fate of these four individuals has not been determined by the court as of yet, it is fair to hypothesize that the only stimulant these people will be receiving is a frigid mandated outside time on the prison grounds in winter. Their neighbors can rest assured that a step has been taken in the right direction to ensure their safety and comfort in their own community.

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